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  1. Create Your Own

    Create Your Own

    LIST PRICE: $28.00

    Create Your Custom Graduation Stole Easily With Our Stole Learn More
  2. Gold Middle School Valedictorian Stole
  3. Gold Middle School Salutatorian Stole
  4. Brown Middle School Stole
  5. Green Middle School Stole
  6. Emerald Green Middle School Stole
  7. Hunter Middle School Stole

    Hunter Middle School Stole

    LIST PRICE: $15.95 AS LOW AS: $6.95

    Hunter Middle School Stole Learn More
  8. Black Middle School Stole
  9. White Middle School Honor Stole

    White Middle School Honor Stole

    LIST PRICE: $16.95 AS LOW AS: $7.95

    White Middle School Honor Stole Learn More
  10. White Middle School Valedictorian Stole

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Middle School Graduation: Honor Stoles and Accessories

Avail of incredible discounts when you order Middle School Honor Stoles from Bestbuttman! You read that right! Choose from our extensive lineup of graduation stoles which includes plain stoles, gold imprinted honor stoles, custom stoles and graduation cords to find just what you need. Order several and benefit from our amazing bulk discount offers! For any last minute shopping needs, there's no need to worry as we've got you covered. We do same day shipping to ensure your orders get to you on time. Find out more about our great Middle School Graduation Honor Stoles by getting in touch with us right now.

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