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  • Understanding Graduation Caps

    The graduation cap has been used for centuries already. It has become an essential part of the graduation ceremony. However, this square thing with a round fit on the head isn’t just any other graduation apparel. It is worn because of its very essence to the event. The changing times have also affected the styles and uses of the graduation cap. This article will help you understand your graduation cap even more. Dated back from the 16th century, the graduation cap that is being used in the U.S. started out at the Oxford University. These caps were also seen in France and Italy and all-over Europe. It has also been noted that during the Middle Ages students had to wear robes, hats and hoods almost as similar as those worn by the clergy. This has been a tradition ever since and has transcended even to the graduation ceremony. This has been standardized in 1895 in the United States and the attire has been required to be either black or grey. However, as the years passed the color of the ...

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