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  • Why Not To Purchase Graduation Tassels In Store

    Purchasing some graduation tassels in store may be quite a stressful and tiring task. Finding out where to buy tassels for graduation and walking around through different stalls and stores all over the city wastes a lot of energy, and finding the perfect graduation tassel for ones graduation day would not be even a sure guarantee. Today’s modernity allows one to shop without to experience all the hassle. With just a single computer connected to the internet and a help of a browser and search engine, one can access through hundreds of online shops conveniently at home. It has definitely helped thousands of individuals from across the globe in making life even a little bit easier. One can find as many items as they need with just a few scrolls and a single click. Having to check out graduation tassels in store is a waste of time. Going through various stores in the city can seriously take a lot of one’s time. And if one is a busy person who values time, this would not be a good idea ...

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  • Where To Buy Graduation Tassels Honor Cords

    In every graduation ceremony, people often get to notice the vibrant colors of graduation cap tassels and hoods. Outstanding students are also being adorned by graduation tassels honor cords which are tokens consisting of two cords with tassels on either end. Academic honor cords are awarded to members of honor societies for different academic and non-academic achievements. And similar to academic hoods, honor cords also come in various colors depending on the type of award. Upon ordering an academic regalia, make sure to have read the graduation guidelines as to what colors and design to use for ones degree or department. Different degrees and awards have unique designs and colors for such honor cords. Gold colored honor cords are usually given to students with bigger achievements. A graduating class may have hundreds of awardees and for university graduation committees, it might be quite difficult to find a supplier for these graduation tassels honor cords. Choosing the right colors ...

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  • The Difference Between Graduation Tassels Kindergarten and High School

     Long ago, students graduating from universities are the only ones who get to celebrate a graduation ceremony with all the graduation cap, gown and hoods. But things have changed as time went by. As traditions were carried from one generation to another, people have had changes to fit the modern world. Presently, graduation is not only celebrated by those earning a degree; those in high schools or students from the primary level and kindergarten also have adapted the tradition of wearing an academic regalia during commencement exercises. There is actually less difference in the academic regalia of a kindergarten graduation and the ones being worn in college. Both ceremonies still require a graduate to wear a graduation gown and cap. Such gowns and caps may only differ in sizes and color. For instance, graduation tassels kindergarten are smaller and shorter in lengths compared to high school graduation tassels. But basically, how the gown and cap with tassel will look like will be the ...

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