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  • 10 Fun and Outrageous Things Graduating Students Should Do this Valentine's Day

    Why do something fun and outrageous this Valentines? Simply because you're graduating! And that would mean this is your last Valentine's day as a high school or college student. You've all heard about making the best out of our last years in high school or college. You've heard about those silly pranks seniors pull off to make things more memorable for them on their last days in school. You've heard about how fun they can be and yet, you still haven't tried to make one yourself. Well, now is definitely the right time to try them out. This Valentine's, Bestbuttman has compiled 10 things you can do to celebrate heart's day in a unique and fun way! Why don't we start with... 1. Give Free Hugs. Friends, acquaintances or total strangers, give free hugs and greet everyone a happy Valentine's with a smile. You can bring placards with a 'Free Hug' note and roam around the campus. Who knows, your special someone might just be one among the crowd. 2. Serenade A Stranger at School (and Sing Like ...

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