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  • Best Ski Destinations for Your Winter Break

    If you're dying to go skiing, skating, or snowboarding for your winter break, then we have some great options for you! // Photo Source: The Lusso Report Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s a perfect time for college students and high school kids everywhere to enjoy their winter break downtime with some fun in the snow. So if you’re in the mood for some serious skiing action or any other winter sport, there’s no better place to make it happen than a popular ski destination. Whether you desire to conquer the powdery white slopes like a professional Olympic athlete or you just simply want to channel your inner Queen Elsa and live out your Frozen fantasies, consider booking a trip to any of these prime ski destinations for a well-deserved winter break vacation. Continue reading → ...

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  • Moving In: Getting a Handle on College Dorm Living

    This is what a regular college dorm room looks like. Find out how you can transform this space into your very own! // Photo Source: WikiMedia After years of living with their parents, many high school seniors are undoubtedly excited at the prospect of living away from home once they become college freshmen. There is, of course, an exhilarating allure of moving out of one’s family home and into a college dorm room. This is the place where college students return from a day of challenging advanced lectures or a night of intense partying; a place where they are able to find solace for studying their lessons in peace or where they can gather their friends for a casual dinner and study group session. And since this is going to be the place where college students are going to spend the next few years as their personal quarters while earning their degree, here are some important tips on how incoming college freshmen should go about in making their dorm room a nice and habitable space to li ...

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  • Digital Education: Best Android Apps for Students

    Here's a roundup of the best Android apps that students can use for the new school year. // Photo Source: Google Play The fall semester is just right around the corner, and students everywhere are gearing up for another exciting new school term. But unlike previous generations of students, today’s youths are keeping up with the latest trends in technology to supplement their studies. Previously, we did a feature on the best apps for students using the iOS platform. This time around, we’re featuring great apps for students who are Android users. From homework management to keeping tabs on athletic events, here are some choice Android apps that students can use to make their daily life in school that much easier. Continue reading → ...

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  • Digital Education: Best iOS Apps for Students

    Enhance your school lessons this fall with some great apps by Apple. // Photo Source: Daily Tekk Now that we are living in an age where technology like super-lightweight laptops and ultra-thin smartphones are now commonplace, it’s no surprise that many students have taken to such gadgets and use them to augment their academic lives. And with so many software developers finding ways to create innovative apps on a regular basis, students will no longer have to rely on old-fashioned methods of learning. From mathematics to English and science, here are some of the best apps available today for students who are Apple tech devotees. Continue reading → ...

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