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  • Where to Look for Black Graduation Stoles

    Graduation is another milestone in one’s life that signifies the beginning of adult life. It is one accomplishment that can never be forgotten because it only happens once in a lifetime. Twice, if one decides to attain a master’s degree, or third when one proceeds once again to a doctorate’s degree. Regardless of that, it is still considered as a very big achievement since one would have to work very hard in order to achieve such titles. When one graduates from a bachelor’s degree, or even from high school, one of the garments that one is required to wear are the graduation gown, the graduation cap, the graduation tassel, and the graduation stoles. Black graduation stoles are commonly used during high school graduation. They are the ones that complete the whole academic regalia that one is required to wear when one graduates from a certain university. Graduation stoles are the ones that are worn around the neck of each graduate with both its ends hanging vertically at the front ...

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  • The Right Way Of Putting On Your Graduation Gown and Hood

    When you graduate with a master’s or doctoral degree it is important to know what specific type of graduation gown you will have to wear. Generally, these are the graduation gowns with a hood. Upon first glance, you might find it difficult to put on. However you will find that it is quite easy after all when you get to know the right way of doing it. Right here are simple and basic instructions for you to follow so you can look your best on your graduation day. First of all you will need to find the best graduation gown with a hood and a graduation cap that will fit your head just right. Then follow the instructions below so it will be easier for you to use them. 1. Hold the gown straight in front of you and check for the right position. Make sure that the zipper is in front. Fit your arms into the graduation gown arm hole and check for any misfit in the gown. Some people prefer to close the zipper or leave it open. You can check with your school for their requirement on this if the ...

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