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  • Handling Difficult Preschoolers

    Misbehaving preschoolers may be a problem for you. Fortunately, here are some tips to help you out. | Image source: Huffington PostHave you ever had to put up with rowdy preschoolers? Then you may not know how to manage them! You can’t blame them for their behavior, considering they’re still in the phase of discovery. Winning over stubborn children is daunting. If you’re not used to the sort of demeanor they display, then you may be in for some trouble. Continue reading → ...

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  • Marvel-ous Halloween Costume Ideas for 2014

    Be inspired by the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this Halloween! // Photo Source: Comic Book Movie With Halloween more than a month away, we figured that it would be a great idea to feature some cool costume ideas for the upcoming event where dressing up and getting free candy is the name of the game. Whether you’re a hyperactive youngster prowling the neighborhood for sweets or a young-at-heart college senior looking to impress at a costume party, Halloween is the perfect time for you to showcase some creative chops when it comes to making a statement in an eye-catching costume. Marvel Studios has established itself as a popular global brand where their fantastic stories and characters have provided explosive entertainment for the masses and earned unwavering loyalty among hardcore fanboys and fangirls. And with the behemoth Hollywood company dominating the summer movie season this year with a double whammy of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Gala ...

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  • Awesome Things to Look Forward to This Fall

    These are just some of the things kids everywhere are looking forward to every fall. // Photo Source: Little Paper Swans In just a few more weeks, summer will give way to fall. And with the changing of seasons, students are gearing up to prepare for the new school year that lies before them. But school isn’t the only thing that heralds the arrival of autumn for students. Kids and teens everywhere have plenty of reasons to be excited for fall, and the points featured below are just some of the awesome things that students are sure to embrace with open arms after settling in on their first day back in school. Continue reading → ...

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  • Top 2014 Back-to-School Fall Trends for Students

    Keep your back-to-school looks updated this year courtesy of some top 2014 fall fashion trends. // Photo Source: Fashion Windows Students of all ages are now gearing up for the start of the fall semester, and one of the things that are on their list of priorities is making sure they look good when they walk down the hallways of their school. On that note, we have prepared a special feature on the top back-to-school fall trends that style-conscious kids—from grade school pupils to university attendees—should take note of before they hit the books this September. Continue reading → ...

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  • Scholastic Style: School Uniforms Around the World

    Shades of blue define the school uniforms of these Nepalese students. // Photo source for all images: Mashable With the United States about to start school in September, we figured it might be fun and interesting to feature something beyond the purview of most American students: school uniforms all over the world. While most academic institutions around the world follow a common conservative template on how their students should dress, each country infuses their distinct cultural point of view through the uniforms that students wear on a regular basis. Featured below are some of the various examples of students wearing school uniforms from Europe to Africa to Asia and Oceania. Continue reading → ...

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