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  • Wear the Color of your Graduation Masters Hood to Prove your Excellence

      To know that you are going to graduate in college with your master's degree, you must be very proud of yourself. That achievement is extraordinary. Going to college entails lots of money to spend even taking the associates degree, how much more when you accomplish the master's degree? This is a feat that you should be proud of. At last you are going to wear your graduation masters hood in the upcoming days. To graduate holding the degree of master's is a day to be prepared in addition to valuing great honor as well. Most graduate school graduation masters hood may differ in colors from different fields of disciplines. The colors have, in point of fact, has been largely consistent by the Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costume in the U.S. with the Academic Costume Code. This code actually suggested that the specific colors will be used in the master's graduation hoods. These are the colors of the graduation masters hood according to its degree: White represents for those who h ...

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  • What To Do In A Masters Degree Graduation Ceremony

    Every graduation is indeed special, perhaps it is the most memorable and joyous event in a student’s life. For someone who will be graduating with a masters degree, graduation may not be a new experience since before having to enter the post-graduate program, one has to graduate with a bachelor’s degree first. However, like they always say every moment is unique and special. Whether you will be graduating in the same university where you have taken your bachelor’s degree or not, graduation will still be another remarkable milestone in your life especially because you will be graduating with a higher educational level. Like all the other graduation ceremonies conducted by universities, students must be able to prepare the requirements for event. Such preparations include the purchasing of academic regalia which would be worn during the ceremony. The regalia which is composed of a graduation gown, academic square cap and master degree academic hoods, are made out of different desig ...

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  • How To Take Care of The Academic Regalia Bachelor's Hood

    The Bestbuttman academic regalia explanation, gradshop.com - Academic regalia bachelor’s hood plays a very important role during the duration of the graduation ceremony. It simply symbolizes the level of degree that one has achieved for every people to see. Not everyone is given the opportunity to wear such garment. As such, when one is privileged enough to wear such special type of graduation garment, never forget to always beam with pride and be grateful that one is amongst the few people who are given the opportunity to wear them. Certain unexpected mishaps may occur along the way upon wearing this special type of garment. To help one from creating mistakes, here are some ways on how one can take care of their academic regalia bachelor’s hood. An academic regalia bachelor’s hood is commonly rented from a local graduation shop that gives out graduation garments for rent. Usually, they are rented a few months before graduation day. To ensure safety, it is wise to update the store ...

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  • Ordering a Masters Graduation Regalia Online

    When graduation is coming near, every student rushes to complete final projects, revise thesis and dissertations and study for final exams. Even faculty members on the other hand are busy preparing and checking projects and exams and for the preparations of the graduation ceremony. It’s certainly a hard day’s night, and looking for Masters Graduation regalia may be at the bottom of your to-do list. It is no good to shop for masters graduation regalia in a rush or in a last-minute fashion. The tendency there is one may get the wrong graduation attire and there is no more time to ask for a return or exchange because graduation is just a few days away. When the real world gets too busy and there is no more time left to cramp other activities, an alternate online world is available to do the bidding. Nowadays, renting masters graduation regalia or even purchasing one can be made possible through online shopping. Online shopping is easier and convenient. Online shops can be accessed at ...

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  • The Representation of Masters Hood Colors

    Graduating from a Master’s degree is already a very high academic achievement anyone could attain. A Master’s degree is somewhat the ticket to a career promotion or to attain a higher position in a chosen vocation. As usual, colors are used to represent a certain discipline and the official color of a school during the graduation ceremony. From the color of the cap, gown and even Masters hood colors are set to represent something. In America, Graduation Masters hood colors are set to follow the color coding by discipline laid by the American Council on Education. So it’s white for the arts, drab for business courses and so on. A complete list of colors can be seen in their page. So the colors on a Masters hood stand for two things: 1.) Official School/University Color Masters hood colors by school are varied. Schools have colors of their own to represent their history and core value. It is also used to distinguish them from other schools although there are others who have the sa ...

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