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  • Things College Students Are Thankful for This Thanksgiving

    There are other reasons other than getting to eat roast turkey that college students are grateful for this Thanksgiving. // Photo Source: Rutgers KSA With Halloween over and the prospect of Thanksgiving looming right around the corner, there are plenty of reasons why college students are excited for the start of the holidays. The fourth Thursday of November is a time when people acknowledge their gratitude for things that they were blessed with during the year thus far. But for most college students, they are likely to be thankful for things that only they can relate to—things like the following featured below: Continue reading → ...

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  • Marvel-ous Halloween Costume Ideas for 2014

    Be inspired by the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this Halloween! // Photo Source: Comic Book Movie With Halloween more than a month away, we figured that it would be a great idea to feature some cool costume ideas for the upcoming event where dressing up and getting free candy is the name of the game. Whether you’re a hyperactive youngster prowling the neighborhood for sweets or a young-at-heart college senior looking to impress at a costume party, Halloween is the perfect time for you to showcase some creative chops when it comes to making a statement in an eye-catching costume. Marvel Studios has established itself as a popular global brand where their fantastic stories and characters have provided explosive entertainment for the masses and earned unwavering loyalty among hardcore fanboys and fangirls. And with the behemoth Hollywood company dominating the summer movie season this year with a double whammy of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Gala ...

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  • Higher Movie-cation: Five College Movies You Should See

    Bright-eyed and enthusiastic, high school seniors transitioning into college freshmen are a common theme in many popular films about college // Photo Source: Viewers Commentary The college experience is something that a lot of high school kids dream of immersing themselves in the future. Some teens have a sort of rose-colored view about entering the tertiary phase of their education. But in reality, being in college is about working hard on your studies to build the foundations of your career path while also taking the time to appreciate brief moments of leisure that serves as a respite from the daily collegiate grind. That being said, it’s easy to see why most high schoolers are eager to become a college student given that Hollywood has produced so many movies that showcase the college experience in its various aspects. Presented below are some contemporary feature films that focus on college kids from different backgrounds and the stories they share that fuel the dreams of many te ...

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  • Making the Film Grade: 10 High School Movies to Watch

    High school movies are all about the stereotypes... but with a twist! // Photo Source: Zing Revolution A large portion of moviegoers that flock theaters every summer are high school kids. From teen romances to blockbuster action flicks, high schoolers are the perfect audience to soak up all that Hollywood has to offer during the summer movie season. So it’s no surprise that this youthful demographic is the subject of many memorable films, with their iconic characters and quotable dialogue already infused in general pop culture. That being said, here are some totally awesome high school movies you should check out this summer to celebrate—as Kurt Cobain would agree—teen spirit! Continue reading → ...

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