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  • The Various Graduation Tassels Gowns

    Education is indeed something that should be taken with great value. It is an accepted fact that not everyone has the opportunity to go through life having educational attainment. Education can take a person a long way. It is the tool for one’s success thus, accomplishing it, whichever level of education it may be, is considered with great importance. The graduation ceremony is one event that a person yearns to experience, with this being said, one sees to it that he or she glides through the academic procession looking polished and most importantly comfortable. During this occasion, student and professors alike are seen wearing their respective graduation regalia. The academic regalia are basically composed of a graduation gown, hood and the graduation hat. Although these are the primary elements that make up the academic regalia, there are also a few items that are seen fashioned by students in the course of the ceremony. The graduation tassels gowns are few prominent pieces that ...

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