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  • Custom Stoles and When to Wear Them

    It’s no surprise to us when we see graduates at their ceremonial rites wearing the required traditional graduation garments. The academic regalia signify your achievements and success in school, most specially the academic stole. Even further with custom stoles as the customized cloth makes it more symbolic and memorable. Some schools may not requireire you to wear the graduation stoles but that should not eliminate the garment as part of the entire academic outfit. For as long as the school would allow the sporting of the scarf-like cloth then there shouldn’t be any problem at all. Graduation stoles are not like ordinary stoles. These are beautiful pieces of fabric that can become your family heirlooms and memorabilia to commemorate your success and achievement. That being said will give you more reasons why you can customized stoles. Customized graduation stoles make them personal and more special because it is tailored to how you would want it, it will fit you better than usual ...

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