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  • The Meaning of Graduation Honor Cords

    Graduating is already considered an honor and accomplishments whether it is in high school or college. By giving diplomas and special awards, these achievements are being recognized and appreciated through a graduation ceremony held publicly. The wearing of the academic regalia composed of the graduation gown, cap and others are components of the observance of the graduation ceremony. Another accessory used in this event is the honor cords. With different significance and meaning, honor cords come in different colors and styles depending on the academic institution giving the honors. Purpose Honor cords are used to signify the excellent achievement a student or candidate has accomplished over the years. Outstanding graduates such as cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude are awarded with a distinction with the use of an honor cord. Other institutions, especially in high schools, award them to graduates who excel in other fields such as leadership and sports. On the other hand, ...

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