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  • Simple Steps to Beat the Dreaded ‘Freshman 15’

    Afraid of gaining the dreaded "freshman 15" when you're about to start college? Here's how you can avoid that from happening. // Photo Source: AJC When you’re an incoming freshman student in college, the one thing that you won’t be seeing for quite a while are your mom’s home-cooked meals. Next thing you know, you find yourself gorging on pizzas, breakfast cereal, leftover takeout, and ramen noodles on a near daily basis. The result: you’ve gained some considerable amount of weight often referred to as the “freshman 15”—so-called because the general weight gained by freshmen students during their first year in college is 15 pounds. While this phenomenon is a common occurrence for many new college students, the exact weight gained actually varies from person to person, thus making the freshman 15 more of a myth as opposed to a full-on fact. Common culprits of the extra weight gained during freshman year include unhealthy eating habits and irregular eating schedules, as we ...

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