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  • Information about Graduation Regalia and Graduation Stole Frame

    Graduation is a very important event for the graduates for this will be the time that all their hard work and efforts in the past school years will be paid off. Graduation is not only important to the students but also to their parents and teachers too. It is also important to them since graduation is the event where they can see the fruit of what they have done to the graduates. The graduation ceremony is a big event where many people will be participating. The ceremony requires a lot of preparations for it to be successful. Sometimes, the school hires some event organizers to help them with in preparing for the event. Those event organizers help by suggesting some programs to conduct during the ceremony. They must also make sure that their programs are not prone to interruptions and are fit to the event. The event organizers could also help in decorating the place where the graduation ceremony would take place, including the arrangement of the seats of the participants. While some of ...

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  • When To Use Graduation Stoles Purple

    People often say that one should be able to graduate with flying colors. Maybe they are literally right; attending a graduation ceremony will awe one with the majestic and colorful surroundings that the venue will actually be having. In such ceremony, drapes and decorations are of different lively colors which are indeed very pleasant to they eyes. Aside from the decorative which are visible on the venue, the garments which are worn by the graduates and the school officials add up to the liveliness of the colorful surroundings. These worn garments compose of a graduation gown, graduation cap and academic stoles. The colors and designs of these garments are used to categorize the graduates and academic heads as to which degree or department they actually belong. They could also signify a particular hierarchy in the institution; for instance, university presidents and directors often have a unique set of academic regalia to be worn during the graduation day. It has always been asked how ...

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  • Various Types of Graduation Hoods

    During graduation ceremonies, candidates and professors are seen wearing the academic regalia. They stride along the academic procession dressed in different colored graduation cloaks, graduation hoods and headpieces. The academic regalia primarily consists of the graduation gown the graduation hood and the cap.  The wearing of the graduation regalia  or graduation outfits had been a tradition practiced in academic formalities for decades. It was influenced by several aspects but commonly, it was inspired by the ensembles priests wore during the old times. Since then, the wearing of the academic regalia has been an implied tradition when it comes to academic ceremonies. The graduation hood is one important element in the academic regalia. Graduation hoods vary in terms of the fabrics used in producing them. There are different parts of the graduation hood which indicates certain meanings and purposes. But basically, there are three main points in a traditional graduation hood; the ...

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  • History about Graduation Stoles

    The medieval era has drawn inspiration to all graduation outfits. In this time period, ceremonial garments were worn by Catholic priests and other members of the ceremonial entourage. These appear very much like what's being used today by altar girls and boys in Anglican and Catholic churches. Similarly, graduation stoles can be traced back to the English tradition. Back in history, Catholic priests and Anglican priests used to wear stoles, cords, and scarves. These outfits are comparable to those being used today in numerous graduation ceremonies. This is evident in higher levels of education. This is likewise evident in most graduation apparel that is made use of in the United States and Europe. In the United States, the regulation of graduation attire was dated around the latter part of the nineteenth century. Not until the period that tassels, gowns, robes, and caps have come to be standard graduation outfit. As of present, there may be variations in the customs, colors, and attire ...

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