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  • Significance of Diploma Frames

    Graduation ceremony is an event in one’s life that we take into account as significant. Students anticipated at that moment where they are able to walk along the academic procession, turn their tassels and receive their diplomas. Graduation ceremony is more that these activities put together, its implication is the accomplishment in academic education of a student. Aside from framing graduation pictures, one thing we hold as a tradition is placing graduation diplomas in frames. They do not only serve as a mere beautification in one’s home but an implication that one had completed a course of education. There are numerous designs of diploma frames to choose from. They are available in bookstores and other shops that cater in producing these kinds of items. There are also several online shops that sell these kinds of products. There are plenty of it sold in bookstore and other retail businesses that have unique designs which are marketed in different colors giving the buyer a great ...

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  • A Guide on the Different Graduation Stoles

    The graduation stoles are items that are fashioned by students and the faculties alike. Besides the typical graduation regalia, these are accessory pieces that are frequently worn by individuals in academic ceremonies. They are fabrics that are worn around the neck that eventually drapes in front of the wearer. They are made from different material but are normally put together out of silk fabrics. They come in variations of colors and each color represents a different meaning and purpose. It also differs as of its length and its width but even so, the wearing of it has only one standard manner. At most times, they are used to imply academic awards and group affiliations. For the reason that these pieces signify several things, most often, these stoles are seen embellished with letterings, bright colored tassels and adorned with distinct university seals. Since they vary from schools to schools, every academic institution and organization would have their own particular design. Gradua ...

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  • Proper Way of Handling the Graduation Cap

    The graduation cap is considered to be a basic item in graduation regalia. In almost all academic ceremonies worldwide, students are seen wearing these head pieces together with their graduation gown and hood. The wearing of these caps are been practiced for the longest time in different academic institutions in different parts of the world. The traditional graduation cap is made out of board with a tassel hanging from the center. In most countries like in the United States and the UK, they would commonly call this as mortarboard. It basically consists of two board pieces; a horizontally shaped one and the other piece, called a skull cap which serves as the base for the head piece. In general, attached to these graduation headpieces are tassels. These tassels would vary from each other depending on the school’s preference. The tassels themselves signify numerous things. It implies the student’s level of discipline. It also signifies the wearer’s field of study. The standard colo ...

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