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  • The Associations of Wearing Academic Hoods

    The graduation ceremony in itself is one formal affair but it is made even primmer in the wearing of the academic regalia by the candidates and the faculty. Academic gowns, academic hoods and the academic caps are the basic elements that comprise the academic regalia. In almost all graduation ceremonies worldwide, the wearing of the academic regalia is considered as a long-established practice worn by those who take part in the ceremony. It does not only imply formality in the commencement, but it also symbolizes academic accomplishment. The academic hoods are those seen worn by the candidates that drapes elegantly on their backs. It is a usually a black fabric with velvet linings with different color where each color implies something. The velvet color seen on academic hoods indicate the field of academic discipline of the person wearing it. The other color seen on the hood denotes the university color. These two areas of the academic hood are basically the areas where colors are per ...

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  • A Guide on How to Wear the Graduation Stole

    In general, the candidates for graduation would usually wear the academic regalia. Whether it is the student or a member of the faculty, seeing them wear the traditional clothing in academic ceremonies, is a familiar scene for the many. This has been a custom that people grew up with when it comes to academic formalities.  Notwithstanding, the fact that academic regalia differs to each other; each institution having its own distinct design, the basic elements are always present. Nonetheless, additional pieces to the basic academic regalia are seen worn by the students. The graduation stole is one prominent accessory to the academic regalia or dress for graduation  that is typically seen fashioned by students and faculties alike, during graduation ceremonies. It is a piece of clothing that is worn around the person’s neck and hangs loose in front of them. It usually varies in the fabrics used but most often than not, these are made out of silk fabrics. It has been said that the wea ...

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  • Purchasing Graduation Regalia Online

    The wearing of the graduation regalia during academic formalities has been a long-established custom done by scholars and faculties for centuries. We can trace this tradition as far as medieval times; where it has been said that the wearing of this in academic ceremonies was strongly influenced by the ensemble worn by Catholic and Anglican priests in that era. Since then, the wearing of the academic dress has been passed down from generations to generations greatly influencing other cultures in almost all parts of the world. It would vary in adaptations in every civilizations and institutions but generally, they imply the same significance. On the whole, the ensemble basically comprises of a graduation gown, hood and hat. Not only does the fashioning of the garments imply formality in the ceremony, it also sends out the notion of academic achievements. Normally, graduation candidates and faculties wore formal clothing underneath the graduation regalia. They choose light weight materia ...

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  • Knowing The Significance of Graduation Cords

    Traditionally, candidates and member of the faculty wear the academic regalia during a graduation ceremony. It would usually consist of a graduation gown, a hood and a hat. Although academic regalia differ from colleges to colleges, these three items are the basic elements that are constantly present in graduation ceremonies. In most academic ceremony, the students who are taking part in the program and the members of the faculty are often seen wearing more than the basic academic regalia. These are additions to the traditional pieces like the graduation stoles or graduation cords. Shown off in almost all graduation ceremony are the graduation cords. They are worn around the person’s neck where it eventually drapes down in front of them. It is one of the prominent graduation accessories seen in most academic ceremonies. They are long cords that are intertwined with each other and attached at the end of each cord, is a tassel. They would usually vary in colors. There are cords with o ...

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  • What the Turning of Graduation Tassels Signify

    The graduation ceremony is a solemn event wherein students are given tribute to their academic accomplishments. It is a formal occasion where students, faculties and families await eagerly for years. It signifies that a student has successfully acquired a degree or had achieved a certain academic level advancement. The academic ceremony in most cases is considered to be of a lengthy activity. On the whole, it consists of an opening remark, welcoming the students, faculties and guests who are present on the occasion. In the graduation ceremony, the academic procession, handing out of diplomas and the turning of the tassels are principally the highlights of the program. It also consists of the giving of several academic speeches by the students, faculties and invited guests as well. Lastly, it ends up with the traditional closing remarks. In almost every academic ceremony, the students who participate in the program are dressed in what is called academic regalia. Academic regalia or oft ...

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