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  • All About Graduation Caps And Gown

    Education is measured as one of the core important factors in a person’s life. It is certainly a brilliant value because it suggests positive features to students within the years of their learning. The graduation caps & gowns intended for high school students is factually no dissimilarity from other level such as college degree holders. When young people succeed on their high school senior years, they are hailed to march on the aisle up to the stage and get their diploma. With their graduation caps & gowns these youngsters would probably become more proud of themselves to getting ahead of those previous complexities that they encountered again and again throughout their educational period. There’s nothing equal to the feeling of gratification when these students see themselves wearing their graduation caps & gowns. The announcement has arrived and the graduates are now ready to climb up the ladder of the corporate world on the record. Initially, since the academic rega ...

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  • Colors of Graduation Regalia: Shades of Knowledge

    Wondering about the different colors of graduation regalia? Usually, preschool, grade school, and high school are using these colorful academic dresses. Each color may represent something. The colors may vary from one school to another. They may have uniform colors on academic dresses, and they may also have a mixture of it. In different schools, they are using varieties of colors like green, pink, blue, red, white, and yellow. However, the color black is only used for bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. For more than 400 universities in United States, 125 of them use academic dress for their doctoral degree that created a variation on the code’s guidelines. Other universities provide their unique costumes to doctors and masters; some applied it to upper degrees and bachelors; however, others limited its use to doctoral degrees only. Colors of graduation regalia protocol determine the uniqueness of academic dress for it separates from the standard of the code. Since the code ...

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  • Tracing the Roots: Graduation Regalia Origin

    No more exams, no more projects, no more activities- what a great day for students! However, there’s a mixture of sadness for it would be the day to part ways with friends and classmates who complete the whole adventure of school life. It is the day where academic dresses are worn. It’s a wonder for everyone the graduation regalia origin. In America, there is a historical development of graduation regalia protocol. During the colonial period, the European style has heavily influenced the use of academic regalia practices in United States. In 1700’s, some schools like the Princeton University and Columbia required the use of their prescribed academic dress at all times. However, during the nineteenth century, it’s not worn on a daily basis. Until the fall of the Civil War, these academic dresses were only worn when one would represent the institution they are in, or in ceremonies. During that year, the academic institutions assigned specific meanings to the academic regalia but ...

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  • Cap Gown And Hood Valuable Info

    Yells, cheers, laughter- all that can be heard during graduation day. They are just the normal reactions upon wearing the cap gown and hood on that special occasion. Emotions are overflowing with great joy and happiness for at last, all the efforts are rewarded with the degree that one dreams to have. One would choose the best cap gown and hood for such event so, here are some little tips to land on the perfect regalia for the great occasion. Know the style required in the academic dress for there are appropriate designs to use in a certain field of expertise; just like in a master’s robe having the American pattern which has above the elbow, square slit-cut sleeves. There are also line indicators that entail the degree that is being achieved- whether it’s a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree. The cap and gown for PhD also have correct number of lines. These lines also applied on the number of years rendered in service; or the position of the user in the institution. Take not ...

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  • How the Graduation Regalia Evolved

    Graduation Day is a ceremony where the mentors approve of their student’s academic capacity. In fact, it is a day where the students can call themselves graduates and the act of receiving their hard earned academic degree or area of discipline is realized. It is a joyous special event where the parents clear their busy schedule and the students just feel high and proud of themselves. Before the graduation day, graduates are given graduation regalia guidelines in order for them to truly comprehend the essence and symbolism of graduation and graduation regalia. Graduation day is a special event of which duration depends on the school population. Usually, the Bachelor’s Degree consumes the biggest chunk of the population for graduates on universities or colleges. The next degree with the highest population is the Master’s Degree. Lastly, the population with the lowest population is the Doctorate’s Degree. Incidentally, the graduation regalia for the Bachelor’s Degree have the s ...

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