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  • Why You Should Opt For Graduation Attire Packages

    Buying graduation attire packages is more convenient that purchasing individual pieces. Here, we have reasons why you should! | Image source: Churchill Gowns Buying individual pieces of graduation attire may help you get the most out of your limited budget, but when it comes to the convenience of owning the overall attire, you might as well go all in and get a hold of a graduation apparel package! You might think this is a rather expensive approach, but it saves you from being burdened with various inconveniences. Here are reasons why you should consider getting a graduation package. Continue reading → ...

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  • 6 Companies Hiring Part-Time Workers This Holiday Season

    Want to have a fun holiday while earning money? You got it. Recently, Forbes released a list of companies hiring the most seasonal, part-time, or full time workers for this year’s holiday season. So if you’re one who’d rather spend your holidays out earning money instead of staying at home all day long, the list will surely open up that opportunity. In this post, I’ll list down six of the ten companies Forbes included in their list. I chose these six since, of the ten companies listed, these six had specified available part-time or seasonal job opportunities: ideal for college students. The holiday season will definitely take a big part of your budget compared to the rest of the year, so if you want to save something before classes resume, then working part-time is a very practical choice. Now, let’s take a look at the companies. Which of them would you want to work with this Christmas?   StaplesSource: www. pixiedustsavings.com Available Jobs: Part-time Sales Associat ...

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  • Rudiments of the Academic Regalia for Masters Graduation

    There's lot of effort you have spent just to finish your master course in the university, now that you have come to an end, congratulations! Get ready for your masters graduation and prepare your best masters academic regalia. Remember to accumulate everything in the garments. The academic regalia has been used by many graduates even from before and has even has evolving styles by different institutions for certain purposes has been changed but remain traditional.All of the rudiments of the academic regalia are mainly to serve to publicize or make known to the crowd in the graduation that a student has successfully made it to accomplish his or her area of expertise. The masters graduation notwithstanding his or her field of study has to wear the graduation gown, the graduation cap, as well as the graduation hood. Most of the time, the masters graduation attaches colored tassel on their mortarboard cap. Master's degree graduates in particular the black robes is mostly the main color. ...

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  • The Website That Offers The Best Academic Regalia

    The people of the school become very busy when it comes to graduation. Graduation ceremonies are really important not only to the students, but also to the school. For the students, the graduation ceremony is the only time where they get awarded and recognized for all the things that they have done for the past school years. For the school, the graduation ceremony is the time when they get to see the fruit of what they have done to their students. Since graduation ceremonies are really important, the school should really spend some time for its preparation. Sometimes, the school administrators would even hire some event organizers in order for the graduation ceremony to be really nice and successful. Those organizers can suggest some good and suitable programs for the event. They can also help in decorating the place where the graduation ceremony will be held. During the preparation, other school staff will be busy preparing themselves too for the graduation. The security personnel of ...

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  • The Proper Way Of Wearing Academic Regalia

    For someone who will be graduating, a common dilemma that is faced is on how to wear the academic regalia. Upon receiving the garments, you would definitely have no idea on how each of the item works and is worn; you might even have to feel uncomfortable wearing them for the first time. The based graduation regalia consists of three or more garments wherein each garment has a particular purpose and has a definite way to be worn. They may also include small parts that if they would not be given proper attention, they might be misplaced. We all want to look best during our graduation ceremony. It is the most special event in a student’s life, thus it is just right for us to properly prepare this occasion including the clothes and garments that we are ought to be wearing. Make sure that all the garments are intact, the academic regalia generally consist of a graduation gown, academic cap with tassel and an academic hood.  Take note that every degree has its own academic regalia school ...

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