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  • The graduation robe and the graduation cap or mortarboard may be the most important parts of academic regalia. But there is nothing quite like topping the ensemble off with a hood to achieve perfection. Graduation hoods are worn in universities and schools all around the world, and in this article we will discuss just what these special garments are for and how you can get the best deal from them. What are graduation hoods? In pictures and movies showing graduation days, more often than not, you see the students wearing this silky-looking garment over their shoulders. Those garments are known as graduation hoods. These are similar to regular hoods used for protection against rain and snow, although hoods in academic regalia serve a more decorative and less practical function. What are these hoods made of? Since hoods were first used in graduation dress, there have been several different fabrics used to make them, including wool, sheepskin, animal fur, silk, and satin. Nowadays, silk is ...

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  • What To Do When Shopping For Graduation Apparel Such As Graduation Hoods

    Graduation is an event where the students finally get to be acknowledged for what they have done in the past school years. It is also an event where the whole school finally gets to see the fruit of what they have done to their students. In the event, the people who will be attending are advised to wear some clothes that are formal or at least semi-formal. The students and the school staff, however, are required to wear some academic regalia. They are required to wear some not just for them to look elegant in the event, but also because it has already been a tradition for the school staff and the students to wear some academic regalia during graduation ceremonies. The most common set of academic regalia that is worn by the graduates consist of a graduation cap, a robe and a hood. A graduation cap is the garment worn on the head of the graduates. It has a remarkable square shape with a tassel attached on the middle. The robes are the garments that cover the bodies of the graduates. The ...

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