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  • Wearing Honor Cords for Graduation

    During graduation, candidates and professors attend to the ceremony with their respective academic regalia. They are basically dressed with the academic gown, hood and hat. Other than these constant basic things, other graduation accessories are also seen worn by them. The most popular academic accessory is the honor cords for graduation. They are basically those colorful items placed around the neck of the candidate. Honor cords for graduation are just one of the several types of academic cords. Academic cords are graduation items that come in a rope like structure. It is made out of intertwined thick strings with tassels attached to both ends. They are worn simply by placing them around the neck just above the academic gown with the tassels facing front. Together with the other academic items like the hat and hood, they complete even more the graduation ceremony. These academic cords can either come in a single shade of color or combinations of two. Moreover, these academic cords usu ...

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