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  • Overview of Graduation Cords and Meaning

    The graduation cords are one of those academic items that are seen worn by students during graduation ceremony. They are long intertwined strands that are knotted in the middle with a tassel attached to both ends of it. These academic items come in different colors. They can either come in one single shade or a mixture of two colors. The graduation cords and meaning can imply various things and each graduation cord signify a particular meaning. The graduation cords are worn just above the academic gown over the person’s neck and drapes at the chest area with the tassels hanging on the ends. It is worn together with the other academic items. The age old tradition of wearing these academic items were said to be inspired by the cords used by Catholic and Anglican Church ministers. The religious ensemble was said to be the main inspiration of the academic regalia of which the cords where included. Since the adaptation of this as an academic item, using it has been embraced by various ac ...

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  • Basic Academic Accessories: Graduation Cords and Medals

    Graduation cords and medals are few of the many things that are associated with the term graduation. These items are prominent during academic formalities and they are commonly seen worn by students along with the other academic items. They come in various colors styles and designs. The graduation cords are those long intertwined strands which are knotted in the middle part with tassels attached at each ends. The cords for graduation can either come in one single strand or in pairs. It can have one shade of color or a combination of two colors. They are worn around the neck with the tassels hanging loosely on the front area. The medals on the other hand are neck pieces that include a shaped metal (usually round ones) that are attached to a neck ribbon. Medals customarily come with a silver, gold or bronze shade of metal and they are worn over the neck, above the academic gown with the shaped metal being shown off. The neck ribbons of these medals can come in many different colors and a ...

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