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  • Types of Caps for Graduation

    The month of March has always been associated as the month of graduation. When it is graduation time, everybody seems to remember all about gowns and caps for graduation. Graduation hats or also known as caps are an essential component in a graduation ceremony. Both the gowns and caps for graduation are part of the academic regalia which usually depicts the symbol of accomplishment and prestige. Thus without it, the academic regalia will be incomplete. One of the most common and familiar symbols of graduation is the graduation cap. Though it looks strange, on top of it is a square shape, and then below it is a round shaped figure that is meant to fit the size of the head. These graduation caps too come in same color with that of the gown. Most graduation caps have tassels on top. They are usually placed on top of the square shape. The color of the tassel will depend on the degree of the graduate. The most common type of caps for graduation is called a trencher or mortarboard. The cap a ...

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  • Does It Matter if one’s Graduation Caps Gowns Cheap?

    The month of March has finally started. It is at this month of the year wherein graduation rites have been fairly associated with. From the time students went to their respective first day of classes, they have been looking for this day to come. Every student has been dreaming for this day to draw closer. Graduation ceremony in any student’s life is beyond words. It is a day wherein they will be able to wear their corresponding caps and gowns for their particular degree. It is a joyous day for the graduates that when their name is called, they march down the aisle ready to receive their college diploma and finally take a grasp of it, a grasp of the fruits of their hard work, perseverance and for all the sleepless nights they experienced. Despite all these, does it matter if ones graduation caps gown cheap? As far as graduation ceremonies around the globe are concerned, it has been a tradition or custom that graduates are required to wear their respective caps and gowns according to ...

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