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  • Graduation Cap And Gown How To Wear Them Properly

    As graduation day is fast approaching, students become highly busy finishing what is left to accomplish. Tons of assignments are being done, projects to complete and deadlines to meet. It is therefore a very tiring moment for a student that a graduation ceremony, whether it be in high school or college is left disregarded and not given most of its attention at all.  It is a common scenario that graduates realize that they only have less time left to find an appropriate attire for the celebration and oftentimes hear them ask “Where can i buy a  cap and gown ?”. The worst part is after they order cap and gown for graduation, they do not know how to wear the entire regalia properly. Here are some helpful instructions about graduation cap and gown how to wear them properly and some tips: 1. When ordering for the cap and gown, make sure that it has the right fit and length. It should not be overly tight or loose when worn. It should not also be as long like one is wearing a curtain ...

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  • How to Stylize a Graduation Cap and Gown High School

    High school is one of the best moments in any student’s life. It is when first-time parties happen, first love, first heartbreaks, and even first out of town trips (without parents) can also happen. When one enters high school, one also enters the stage of adolescence where one changes from a kid to a teenager. During this period, most teens discover their own identity, favorites and sense of taste. However, everything should come to an end, and high school also ends with a graduation cap and gown high school. A graduation cap and gown high school is almost the same as a graduation cap and gown kindergarten since the required color may also be that of the school’s official color and the length may also be mid-calf or knee length. However, customizing a graduation cap and gown high school is quite hard since the gown is usually left as it is but a high school student can also add a few graduation accessories like the graduation stole which can be customized according to one’s lik ...

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