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  • Where did Graduation Cap and Gown Come from: a Short History

    Where did graduation cap and gown come from? Most students would come to ask such question especially when graduation is near and talks of getting the graduation attire is going on. And yes indeed, where did graduation cap and gown come from? Why should students wear different designed clothing that is only unique to the graduation ceremony? Who set up the rules for such attire?To explain it all, history should be reviewed and tackled to answer the question, “where did graduation cap and gown come from?” IT ALL BEGAN… In the medieval times when the Church was the center of all institutions including the academic ones, the usual daily wear of early medieval scholars are full-length robes like that of priests and monks since most students during this time are also theological students. To protect themselves from the usual cold weather, they wear such robes sometimes with hoods as a protection for their heads. UNTIL… During the late renaissance period up to the new Industrial age ...

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