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  • Five Essential New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

    Your New Year's resolution has to be realistic. Here are some attainable ones just for you!Image source: Schollegiate College students find it hard to commit to anything due to their heavy workload as they go through the challenges of their academic lives. Their focus is mostly on schooling and other than brief periods of leisure, they really can’t commit to anything else. Is it therefore possible for you to have a New Year’s resolution? If you’re currently in college, you may feel that resolutions are too much of a burden to even handle. But there are always essential ones which are achievable! Below is a list of ideas which you can easily follow! Continue reading → ...

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  • Things College Students Are Thankful for This Thanksgiving

    There are other reasons other than getting to eat roast turkey that college students are grateful for this Thanksgiving. // Photo Source: Rutgers KSA With Halloween over and the prospect of Thanksgiving looming right around the corner, there are plenty of reasons why college students are excited for the start of the holidays. The fourth Thursday of November is a time when people acknowledge their gratitude for things that they were blessed with during the year thus far. But for most college students, they are likely to be thankful for things that only they can relate to—things like the following featured below: Continue reading → ...

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