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  • Caps and Gown Doctoral Maintenance Guide

    As one prepares for one’s special day, one must never overlook any details, especially when it concerns the graduation gown. The doctoral degree gown is far more different and very unique compared to the graduation gowns used by candidates for the bachelor’s and master’s degree. Therefore, it is only very proper to give full importance of taking care of such garment that one should use for one’s special day and get carry the best cap and gown poses. Here are a few suggestions on how one can take very good care of one’s own graduation caps and gown doctoral degree. 1. It is always very common to see a lot of ugly wrinkles on one’s doctoral gown upon receiving them from the package. The reason behind this is because the material of the gown itself is made of such soft fabric that can easily be wrinkles when the material is folded. The graduation gown is often delivered to one’s house inside a package, all the more makes the gown more wrinkled. The most important thing tha ...

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