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  • The Academic Regalia Cap and Gown and Hood

    The academic cap and gown and hood are prominent pieces seen during graduation celebrations. In the course of the event, graduates and the faculty members stride along the academic procession fashioning their respective academic regalia. Their graduation pieces would vary from each other, each indicating specific implications. The wearing of these three items is considered as a mandatory rule which is prescribed by academic institutions for its graduates and faculty during academic ceremonies. The wearing of it had been practiced for years not only in English speaking countries but in places all over the world. They may have different version to it in regards to its designs, but their significance remains the same. The history of the cap and gown and hood can be traced back during the medieval Europe. Some eight hundred years ago, in most places in Europe, the using of the robes has been a common scene for both males and females which they wear in everyday basis. These robes would diff ...

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