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  • Where to Look for Black Graduation Tassels

    Graduation tassels play a very important role in the graduation ceremony. It must be remembered that not all big things are all powerful. Sometimes, one must take into consideration that the smallest thing possible can also make a very big impact into one’s life. Just like graduation tassels. They are very special indeed since there is a special portion of the graduation ceremony that is termed as the “turning of the tassel ceremony”. This is where the momentous event of a graduate takes place. As the candidate for graduation swiftly switches the graduation tassel from the right hand side to the left hand side, such abrupt change also happens as this moment signifies the symbolic change of a person from a mere candidate for graduation, to a full pledged graduate. This momentous event will never happen without the help of such important garment. Graduation tassels come in various size and color, but the most sophisticated looking graduation tassel comes in the color black. When on ...

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