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  • What Composes The Academic Regalia For Masters Degree

    An academic regalia is a traditional attire worn by those that have enrolled in a university degree. It is usually composed of a graduation gown, hood and cap. The tradition of wearing such wardrobe during graduation can be traced back during the medieval period. Students during those times were required to wear an academic cap in school to protect their heads from the different weather conditions. Also, robes or gowns were a trend back then and were considered as school uniforms. This explains why during graduation, graduates get to wear a gown and a cap. Academic regalia for masters degree differ a lot from the ones being worn by the undergraduates. Although academic regalia MD is still composed of the same items such as the gown, hood and the cap, it differs a lot in terms of color and design. Graduation gowns of masters degree are usually multi-colored unlike the undergraduates which only comprises of one solid color. Their gowns also have designs such as three horizontal stripes ...

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  • The Importance Of Wearing An Academic Regalia Graduation

    There are different types of academic regalia graduation, and each garment symbolizes something special. The academic regalia are utilized in graduation ceremonies to stand for for one’s academic accomplishment and academic excellence that the student pursued for many years in the university. It denotes pride and status which is crafted through years of perseverance and dedication. Wearing of the academic regalia can be traced way back during the mid-centuries. Before, robes and gowns are generally used for special occasions such as an obligated spiritual celebration or an academic ceremony. Even back then, students were mandated to wear academic regalia during a graduation ceremony. Traditionally, the regalia itself is worn to symbolize an individual academic achievement. However, the academic regalia may differ from one country with another. Some countries opt for the traditional look while others go for a much modern-looking academic regalia depending on the culture and motto of t ...

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