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  • What are the Specifications of Academic Regalia for PhD?

    A PhD is the highest degree anyone can obtain in an academic institution. It is a more refined and in-depth study of a certain academic discipline that makes a PhD graduates an authority figure in his or her own field of expertise. However, before being an authority figure requires a graduation first to receive the PhD diploma, and academic regalia for the PhD are required to be worn during that prestigious event. Academic regalia for PhD are the most unique academic regalia among all the other academic levels. It is the most detailed and complicated looking among all the other regalia. The PhD robes, even though they are also black like the master’s gown has full wide sleeves unlike the latter. It also has linings at the front and sleeve bands that are colored to represent the candidate’s academic field of study or University wherein he or she is graduating from. The PhD hood is also unique because it is four feet long with satin and velvet linings that are also colored to represe ...

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