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  • Best Ways To Customize Your Graduation Hoods

    Like any other event, graduation clothing is crucial. This is the time that depicts both achievement and academic finale of a student. As a result, the mere graduation hoods as the piece of graduation clothing that holds the true meaning of this occasion have to be precise and well attached.  Hoods play a vast role in creating a majestic graduation day. The graduation hoods signify an incredibly rich meaning- pride and success to graduates. The practice of wearing a graduation hood for college graduates has been truly passed down from one generation to the next generations as existing civilizing changes. So to build an ultimate commencement day, guarantee your hood with its perfect required colors apart from the other pieces of regalia. Whether you finished your bachelor, masters, or PhD degree you have to acquire the right doctoral gowns, caps, especially the graduation hoods for the ceremony. There are numerous dissimilar colors that graduation hoods cleave to carry the symbol of th ...

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  • What Are Academic Hoods and How Do You Wear Them?

    The first two items that come to mind when you think of academic regalia will most likely be a graduation robe and a graduation cap, but if you were asked to come up with a third, you might think of a hood. Academic hoods are these special garments worn over the shoulders and back of the graduation robe. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. In this article, we will talk about what they stand for as well as tips on how to wear them properly. In many countries, academic hoods are part of a complete graduation attire. The United Kingdom, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand are just a few countries who consider hoods as important as the mortarboard cap and the graduation gown. However, styles and designs of hoods vary widely, but it is believed that this important piece of garment originated in England. The old academic hoods were shaped like regular hoods, that is, they were made to also help the wearer stay safe from snow and rain. Nowadays, hoods are mostly u ...

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  • Significant Stories Related To Academic Hoods

    Gowns, caps, and the academic hoods symbolize how special is the graduation day.  It adds to the honor and pride upon welcoming another episode of students' life. You are now in contemporary time but to fulfill completely the essence of being a graduate, you should know the history of the most important components that fully complete the enigma of graduation practice. In particular, the academic hoods that are worn by students and faculties today have been greatly influenced since 12th century by religious attire and then through the development of early educational institutions of universities in Europe. The word is founded on the Latin word "cucullus," which is initially brought up a type of bag used to carry groceries. It was said that the duty of these early institutions was to merely validate degrees. Thus, wearing such kind of attire was an aged tradition for graduates along with caps and gowns. It was in 1321 when the distinctions on the academic hoods and the long gowns by sch ...

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  • A List of Appropriate Academic Hoods Color

    Your graduation day is coming and you are absolutely excited to participate in this big event of your life. Since this is the great period to celebrate your honor, this is also your verification day to ease yourself from a long-drawn-out study. In addition, the graduation day gives you contentment with what you deserve to achieve and to anticipate in the future. With every skill that you learned over the years in school, will you become a better person, and contribute to your family and to the society where you belong? A significant milestone will start on the day of your graduation. Turn this day remarkable to you and your family. Wear the best academic regalia, and give yourself extra confidence showing your academic hood to the crowd. Academic hoods are set to designate your degree. If you finished doctoral degree, the importance of acquiring doctoral graduation cap way ahead as well as your gown should match to what you accomplish such as rich royal blue for Philosophy PhD. Academi ...

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  • Tips on Wearing Academic Hoods and Other Academic Regalia Properly

    On the day of your graduation, you may have all your family and friends around you. It’s also very likely that you are wearing your complete graduate attire. However, if there is one thing that can mess up your special day, it’s when you don’t know how to wear academic regalia properly. Check out the tips below to help you look picture-perfect on your graduation day. They will also help you be prepared and bring you to your most confident level, for if you look your best, you will certainly feel that you are at your best too. Academic hoods Nothing can top off an immaculate graduation robe better than a hood. These sashes made of silk or satin may look quite simple, but no graduating student will fail to feel special with one draped over their shoulders. Some academic hoods are quite simple and feature just one shade of silk, while others are far more elaborate and feature designs such as embroidery or stitching of the university symbol and/or motto. Hoods should be worn with the ...

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