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  • Getting Academic Hoods, Caps And Gowns Without The Hassles

    Whenever graduation approaches, it seems that every graduation has this dilemma of whether to buy or rent academic hoods, caps and gowns. Buying the things you need for your graduation may not seem that bad. But as much as possible, it is preferable to rent my whole academic regalia. It may have been because of what I have encountered during my graduation day.Like everyone else, I was so excited on finally graduating. I was so eager to share my happiness that I invited just about all my relative (the ones I am close with) and my friends to the event. Since I wanted my graduation day to be big and momentous, I planned my graduation party months ahead. And because most of the graduating students in our school ordered their academic hoods, caps and gowns online, I also did the same. Having planned everything, all I had to do was wait for my academic regalia. It seemed that ordering academic hoods, caps and gowns online takes about two to three weeks to deliver. Having been informed of t ...

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