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  • Why Academic Hoods and Graduation Caps Are Important

    When most people think of graduation attire, it’s the gown or toga that first comes to mind. And naturally, the way we can distinguish a graduating student with just one glimpse is to see that they are wearing graduation robes. However, there are two other garments that complete academic regalia, and these two items are academic hoods and graduation caps. What are academic hoods? Have you ever noticed that most graduates don’t just wear a plain toga? They usually have a cord or cloth worn over the robe, decorating their shoulders and flowing down over their chests. Cords are more commonly found among primary and secondary graduates, while colleges and universities specialize more in letting their graduates wear academic hoods. These are long sashes made of silk or a similar fabric, and usually composed of more than one color. Hoods are worn draped lower over the back than cords, and this is because at the center of the sash, extra fabric is stitched at an angle to form a slouchy tr ...

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  • A List of Appropriate Academic Hoods Color

    Your graduation day is coming and you are absolutely excited to participate in this big event of your life. Since this is the great period to celebrate your honor, this is also your verification day to ease yourself from a long-drawn-out study. In addition, the graduation day gives you contentment with what you deserve to achieve and to anticipate in the future. With every skill that you learned over the years in school, will you become a better person, and contribute to your family and to the society where you belong? A significant milestone will start on the day of your graduation. Turn this day remarkable to you and your family. Wear the best academic regalia, and give yourself extra confidence showing your academic hood to the crowd. Academic hoods are set to designate your degree. If you finished doctoral degree, the importance of acquiring doctoral graduation cap way ahead as well as your gown should match to what you accomplish such as rich royal blue for Philosophy PhD. Academi ...

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  • Tips on Wearing Academic Hoods and Other Academic Regalia Properly

    On the day of your graduation, you may have all your family and friends around you. It’s also very likely that you are wearing your complete graduate attire. However, if there is one thing that can mess up your special day, it’s when you don’t know how to wear academic regalia properly. Check out the tips below to help you look picture-perfect on your graduation day. They will also help you be prepared and bring you to your most confident level, for if you look your best, you will certainly feel that you are at your best too. Academic hoods Nothing can top off an immaculate graduation robe better than a hood. These sashes made of silk or satin may look quite simple, but no graduating student will fail to feel special with one draped over their shoulders. Some academic hoods are quite simple and feature just one shade of silk, while others are far more elaborate and feature designs such as embroidery or stitching of the university symbol and/or motto. Hoods should be worn with the ...

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  • Most Memorable Moments that relate to Academic Hoods

    When it comes to graduation, the ceremony is highly regarded as it is one of the most colorful ceremonies that students' attend all their lives. There are the graduates as well as the school officials’ presence, glimmering on their beautiful academic regalia. Shine with academic hoods as they are vital pieces too on this occasion. Everyone surely wants to look at their best. Much importance is involved to graduation regalia which have been the standard for a lot of passing decades. Contrary to ordinary principle, the academic gowns are not new pieces but they are from 100 years ago. The usage of this type of clothing was dated many years ago, that is why the significance of graduation caps and academic hoods graduation ceremonies in the main must be honored and value. The academic hoods are cryptogram of influence, pride, and honor. They set all the graduates apart as high flier of the event in their certain academic area; for example, medical students have to wear an exact color for ...

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  • The Best Place To Buy Academic Hoods, Robes, And Headdresses

    Students, sometime in their lives, will graduate from schooling. When the time comes that they will be finally graduating, they should be ready with what they are going to wear a few weeks or days before the graduation ceremony. Not only should the students be prepared on what to wear for the event but also the parents of the graduates, the teachers, the school director, and the other people who will be attending the event.  Graduation ceremonies are quite formal events so the people who will be attending the event should be mindful of what they are going to wear for the event. Elegant or formal looking clothes are recommended for the people who will be attending the event. The students, teachers and the school director are required to wear some academic regalia for the graduation ceremony. It has already been a tradition for them to wear academic regalia in graduation ceremonies. For the students, they usually have to wear some robes, academic hoods, and graduation caps. The robe is ...

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