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  • The Story Behind The Wearing Of Academic Hoods

     Graduation is the most exciting and memorable event in our school life. That day is commemorated with joyous atmosphere and who would ever forget how you looked that day with your whole academic regalia! However, no matter how many graduations have happened, no matter how many graduates have worn their exclusive academic hoods, caps and gowns, it seemed to me that not everyone is aware of what it means to wear academic regalia. Yes, it is the garment you are required to wear during the graduation ceremonies, but do you know why that is done so? Do you know the history behind it all? Yes, I bet you haven’t have had an inkling. Do not fret. As they say, “knowledge is power”. So the more you know about simple, yet significant things, the more you’ll see how wonderful things are. Did you know that the graduation hoods or academic hoods were originally worn by students in cold places? This actually dates back to the medieval period, back to the Celtic periods where the druid ...

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  • Tips When Looking For Academic Hoods

    Graduation ceremonies are quite formal events. It is a ceremony that is attended by a lot of people. Including the teachers, the graduates, and the families and relatives of the graduates. Weeks before the big event, the people start to get busy looking for what to wear for the graduation ceremony. The school staff and the students are both required to wear some academic regalia during the event. The academic regalia that will be worn by the students would usually consist of a robe, a hood and a graduation cap. The robe is the garment that is worn to cover the most parts of the body of the graduate. How the graduation robes are made are greatly influenced by the climate of the place where they will be used. In tropical countries, the robes are made from very light materials to provide comfort for the wearer. In cold countries however, their robes can be made from materials that can be really uncomfortable when worn on warm places like silk. Their robes can be made heavily but still com ...

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  • How to Look for the Best Graduation Hoods Buy from the internet

    In this era, quite a lot of people have already gained access to all information that one needs in their respective lives. Gone are the days wherein people would rely information from irrelevant sources that cannot be trusted. This time and age has allowed so many individuals to be more resourceful in gaining information at the click of their hands with the help of the internet. The world wide web has helped so many people absorb as many information that one needs, most especially in purchasing the cheapest but with the most durable quality of graduation garments. Graduation hoods are one of the garments that a master’s degree recipient is required to wear. The opportunity to be able to graduate with such is indeed a privilege. It is one achievement that one should really be very proud of. That is why come graduation day, one should never miss out in wearing such garment. In order to have a hassle free life, opt to look for graduation hoods buy with the help of the internet instead. ...

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  • Instructions for Academic Hoods: How to Wear Them

    Each and every candidate for graduation is required to wear the exact academic regalia that are required of them, the graduation gown, the graduation cap, and of course the hood. The colors of the hoods come in various academic hoods school colors, and are the sole garment that stands out among all other garment used for a candidate with a doctoral degree. If one is quite unfamiliar on how to wear such garment, listed below are the instructions for academic hoods, how to wear it. 1. Find out and confirm that one is buying or getting the correct hood for one’s academic. One must first know that it is only the academic degree holders who are privileged enough to wear an academic hood. Since hoods have different sizes, outside colors, and internal colors, one needs to make sure that the hood is the right one. The size (length and width) of the hood represents your prestige. The larger the hood, the higher the degree earned. The sizes of hoods differentiate between the  academic hoods ...

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