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  • List of Academic Hoods Colors

    When attending a graduation ceremony, one will have to notice how the venue has been set up to be very colorful and grandiose. One might assume that the festive and colorful aura of a graduation event could be where the term “graduating with flying colors” has been coined. Indeed, such ceremony must be made in such way that it would be worth remembering. Besides, the graduates deserve such kind of event to value their hard work and perseverance over the years of their study. Another colorful item that is obviously noticeable in a graduation ceremony are the graduation regalia which are worn by the graduates, school faculty and administrators. These regalia are composed of a graduation gown, mortarboard cap with tassel and a colorful academic hood. Every garment has its own purpose and symbolism; they also have various roles for the ceremony. Like for instance the academic hoods which are usually worn by the graduates on stage with the help of one’s relatives. These hoods come in ...

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