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  • Why Academic Hoods and Graduation Caps Are Important

    When most people think of graduation attire, it’s the gown or toga that first comes to mind. And naturally, the way we can distinguish a graduating student with just one glimpse is to see that they are wearing graduation robes. However, there are two other garments that complete academic regalia, and these two items are academic hoods and graduation caps. What are academic hoods? Have you ever noticed that most graduates don’t just wear a plain toga? They usually have a cord or cloth worn over the robe, decorating their shoulders and flowing down over their chests. Cords are more commonly found among primary and secondary graduates, while colleges and universities specialize more in letting their graduates wear academic hoods. These are long sashes made of silk or a similar fabric, and usually composed of more than one color. Hoods are worn draped lower over the back than cords, and this is because at the center of the sash, extra fabric is stitched at an angle to form a slouchy tr ...

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