• Making the Most of the Summer in Grad School

    You may find it hard to enjoy the summer during your time at grad school.Image source: Tehran University You’re probably a grad school student forced to go through the stress of graduate studies and not being able to enjoy the summer. Of course, the path you chose is immensely important for you and you can’t simply sacrifice it without good reason. So how exactly can you spend your summer despite being stuck in grad school? Here are a few suggestions for getting the most out of the summer! Continue reading → ...

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  • Famous Graduates of the Year

    2014 has indeed been a year where a lot of famous personalities graduated from their respective degrees. For a lot of them, it’s an accomplishment they will cherish forever, especially considering the challenges involved in balancing academics and their particular careers. You may be surprised, but even the most unsuspecting of celebrities have also managed to finish their programs and don their gowns and regalia! Below is a list of famous people who just earned their degrees this year. Continue reading → ...

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  • The History of Universities

    Universities have come a long way ever since they were first conceived in the Middle Ages. Although academies have already been in existence during the periods of antiquity, the term “university” only came about more or less a thousand years later. Here, we give you a brief view on the facts about the history of universities, starting from conception to the current state. Continue reading → ...

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  • How is the Job Market for Students?

    The current state of employment is quite the issue nowadays, ever since the financial crisis hit the global economy hard. What are the things you need to know about the job market? Well, there are certain trends which are affecting the state of jobs today. Below are the following things you need to know. Continue reading → ...

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  • Is the Demand for Data Analysts Rising?

    Lately, the data analyst title has been on the rise, especially now that there are graduate studies on data analysis being offered. Of course, this is only natural as the technology sector is quite booming. In turn, being a data analyst makes for an excellent career choice for just about anyone. Sounds attractive? How about a little insight on the advantages of being a data analyst? Below are a few points on why being a data analyst is a great career choice for anyone opting for a sustainable career in the future! Continue reading → ...

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