• Finding the right Diploma Cover for Graduation

    A lot of companies sell different kinds of diploma covers. You can find them on the market and on the internet. This type of business is in fact a good income generating business with a need for less capital. The products are very much in demand in the market so there is no worry for low shelf off take. There is always a reason for companies to order these covers. Finding an appropriate manufacturer to provide for your needs can be difficult for some. This article can help you on how to make this task easier. Read on to find out the easy ways to do it. First, you can go online to search for reliable manufacturers. Check out their product gallery and see if they have great designs and styles for different functions. There are a lot of reasons why these products are in demand. They can be used for graduation certificates, birth certificates, honors and other awards. These certificates can be hung on walls or they can be placed on frames for table tops. You can also look for different col ...

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  • Understanding Graduation Honor Cords

    One of the basics accessories used for graduation apparel are the graduation honor cords. These are actually awarded to distinguished people and graduates. Honor cords are used on the graduate’s apparel that are made from twisted cords with fringes. They are generally used in pairs and are secured together in the center. These are symbols of academic and non-academic achievements that are awarded to graduates and members of honor society as well. More than one cord can be used at the same time and they are usually worn with the cap and gown. They are worn in academic ceremonies for high school or college degree graduates. When looking for the best honor cords you will find that they are available in many colors. You can choose which color will best suit you. In fact, some suppliers may even offer you with double or triple color options. Among the colors that you can get are the traditional black, white, silver, gold, copper, brown, light blue, navy blue. This can be options for m ...

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  • Understanding Graduation Stoles

    There are many pieces that go into the perfect set of graduation apparel. Some even differ in requirements depending on the level of education that one has earned. Some even differ depending on the school’s specifications. Graduation stoles are among these graduation pieces that are essential to complete your graduation apparel set. This article will help you understand what the graduation stoles are made for by providing you with basic information that will help you on this matter. Defining graduation stoles: Technically stoles are defined as a type of clothing that forms part of the complete graduation apparel. These stoles are generally used during graduation rites for high school and college. Stoles are those pieces of clothes that you see around the neck and shoulders of the graduates. They fall smoothly on the robe and occasionally are worn beneath a cord. You could observe that graduation stoles come in different colors. However keep in mind that you cannot just wear any color ...

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  • About Academic Hoods for Graduation

    Every part of a graduation ceremony has its own distinct meaning. In fact the graduation ceremony can be dated back as far as the Middle Ages. The ceremony in itself has been passed from one generation to another including the use of academic hoods. As you see the commencement ceremonies have been around for so many years now & it is best that we treat this ceremony with high regard and respect. A masters degree hood is very unique in its own. It symbolizes a higher degree of education which is why it is also a symbol academic achievement. It actually has two colors which is manifested in the lining and the trim of the hood. The color of the lining reflects the college colors. On the other hand the trim color reflects the particular field of study. Every field of study has its own color to represent. They stand for certain meanings and symbols in the academe. These are used during graduation to identify the degree that the graduates have earned. Some people could find the academic ...

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  • History about Graduation Stoles

    The medieval era has drawn inspiration to all graduation outfits. In this time period, ceremonial garments were worn by Catholic priests and other members of the ceremonial entourage. These appear very much like what's being used today by altar girls and boys in Anglican and Catholic churches. Similarly, graduation stoles can be traced back to the English tradition. Back in history, Catholic priests and Anglican priests used to wear stoles, cords, and scarves. These outfits are comparable to those being used today in numerous graduation ceremonies. This is evident in higher levels of education. This is likewise evident in most graduation apparel that is made use of in the United States and Europe. In the United States, the regulation of graduation attire was dated around the latter part of the nineteenth century. Not until the period that tassels, gowns, robes, and caps have come to be standard graduation outfit. As of present, there may be variations in the customs, colors, and attire ...

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