• How to Wear Your Graduation Hood The Proper Way

    The graduation hood identifies the particular field of study a graduate has earned. This can come in different colors depending on the degree one holds. The hood is not only used by the graduating students. You can also observe that these items are used by school officials who take part in the graduation ceremony. School staff and faculty are also required in some universities to wear the gowns and hoods during the ceremony. This is a part of their school’s pride and honor to the graduating students and to the institution as well. The success of every student is attached with the great contribution and success of the college or university as well. The significance of wearing the hood is very much valued. It is a symbol of pride and academic success which is why graduates have to wear them properly. This will also show respect to the Alma Mater that has shaped and molded each student into the educated people that they are now. Here are the basic steps for you to make sure you wear you ...

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  • Understanding Academic Regalia

    Time flies so fast and you do not realize that finally your four years in the university will soon be over. Your graduation day will end your years in school but will commence the real life ahead of you. For sure you would want to get the right and the best academic regalia that you will use on that day. Buying your graduation apparel has to be done with careful thought as well. You will definitely want to make the best out of your purchase and to make sure you get a good deal of out it. Here are some tips for you when you go out to shop or when you browse online for the perfect products. The most important aspect to look at is the type of supplier you will choose. First of all it has to have everything that you require. Most universities and colleges have their own set of graduation apparel requirements. This varies from one university to another depending on the color, style, type of cap and accessories needed. Each level of education also has different sets of requirements which is ...

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  • The Essence Of Doctoral Gowns In The Academic Circle

    Doctoral gowns have been in existence since the 12th century. They have since been used by graduating students of Doctoral degrees and school officials during graduation. But during the early centuries, these gowns were worn in school as uniforms including school administrators and staff. You can still find some renowned schools that practice this tradition. British schools like the Oxford University and Cambridge University are believed to have originated this custom. But what makes up these gowns? Style A wide variety of gowns are available in shops and online stores as well. You can find them in simple styles and lavish styles. Some are ornately decorated as well. You can find styles in different types of fabric. Some are made of silk and some are made of matte materials. In the early years, the styles were also different. They were custom-made so it was easy to determine which social status the wearer belongs to. However, with the standardization of the academic regalia, this has b ...

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  • Understanding Graduation Caps

    The graduation cap has been used for centuries already. It has become an essential part of the graduation ceremony. However, this square thing with a round fit on the head isn’t just any other graduation apparel. It is worn because of its very essence to the event. The changing times have also affected the styles and uses of the graduation cap. This article will help you understand your graduation cap even more. Dated back from the 16th century, the graduation cap that is being used in the U.S. started out at the Oxford University. These caps were also seen in France and Italy and all-over Europe. It has also been noted that during the Middle Ages students had to wear robes, hats and hoods almost as similar as those worn by the clergy. This has been a tradition ever since and has transcended even to the graduation ceremony. This has been standardized in 1895 in the United States and the attire has been required to be either black or grey. However, as the years passed the color of the ...

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  • Wearing Your Graduation Apparel

    The graduation apparel which includes the gown, cap and tassel can be dated back from a history in the Middle Ages. Each apparel has its own significance relating to the ceremony. They distinguish the graduates based on the degree or level of education that they have earned. Graduates of master's and PhD degrees have more elaborate designs when compared to pre-school or high school graduates. Through the years the apparel has remained but some have changed with time like the color, design, and some etiquette in how these things are worn. The color or design of the gown, tassel or cap may vary nowadays. In some universities you will observe that the graduates do away from the traditional black. Some prefer to use the color of the academe to embody the educational values and tradition of the school. The reason for this is to impart to each and every graduate the significance of education which is signified by the graduation apparel that is used. This is why it is important that you use y ...

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