• Basic Rules for a Masters Hood

    A graduation hood is usually worn by Master’s and Doctorate degree candidates in differing lengths and color. Sometimes, bachelor degree holders also wear theirs too depending on the school’s requirement. The Masters hood we know today exudes regality and academic achievement which is worn with pride along with the rest of the graduation attire on the day of ceremony. Like the rest of the graduation attire, there are specifications or rules as to the wearing of the Masters hood, and here are basic guidelines to help you choose and wear the right one. 1.) Required Colors. Masters hood colors also differ to distinguish a candidate’s field of study or discipline. Each hood should have two colors; its velvet lining should represent the color of the candidate’s field of study and the satin should represent the official color of the school or university. So before purchasing or renting one’s our own graduation hood, inquire from one’s school first about the right colors to be wo ...

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  • A Basic Guideline on the Parts of Masters Regalia

    The traditional academic regalia have a rich history. Each part of the overall outfit came from clerical and noble attires during the medieval ages. It was a common, almost-everyday wear for them back then. However nowadays, the masters regalia is only worn during a once in a lifetime event we now call graduation. Graduating from a Master’s degree is very much self-fulfilling. Not everyone has the will to pursue any higher studies because most people think that college is well enough. For the love of knowledge and for career or personal purposes, some people do push through a Master’s degree and even go higher onto a Doctorate degree. During graduation, Master’s degree holders are also required to wear the right academic regalia that will distinguish them from their exceptional effort and academic standing. A  masters regalia is also composed of a gown, a cap and a hood. Those are just the most basic parts of the attire, accessories like cords and stoles can be added if require ...

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  • Doctoral Gown and Hood Details and Specifications

    A doctoral gown and hood is worn by PhD degree candidates and faculty members who hold a PhD degree. And as expected, a doctoral gown and hood is very different from the bachelors and master’s gown and hood. Since a doctorate is the highest level of study for anyone to pursue, its graduation outfit looks more traditional, complicated and regal-looking. Doctoral gown and hood according to university may differ from country to country. However, in America, an established set of rules and guidelines are implemented regarding academic regalia, although some schools can also alter or add their own specifications too. For starters, doctorate degree candidates are really required to wear their graduation hood unlike bachelor’s degree holders whom in some cases are not required by the school to wear hoods. A doctoral gown is also in the standard black or dark blue color unlike bachelor’s degree and below who have to wear a certain colored graduation gown to represent a field of study or ...

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  • Academic Excellence comes with a College Cap and Gown

    It is every student’s dream to see themselves through college and end it successfully. College is like the finish line of a very long and tedious academic life. Well, just sort of the ‘finish line’ since there are still higher studies like Master’s or Doctoral programs that a graduate can pursue. However, being able to graduate from college is more than enough; it is the key to a whole lot of opportunities out there on the real world. A college graduation is never complete without the required graduation attire which tops off the regal and proud-filled ceremony. College cap and gowns are both the most basic attire for graduation. The graduation hood, cord and stole may come down as accessories but the college cap and gown is the staple outfit for every college graduating student. The graduation attire signifies tradition and excellence in its own sense. The graduation gown dates back to the medieval period wherein they were worn by scholars. The cap with the tassel also plays ...

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  • Implications of Graduation Gowns

    For years, we had considered the graduation ceremony to be that one event that every student, parents and faculties look forward to.  It marks the accomplishments not only to every graduating student in the university but to the professors as well. But nonetheless, a graduation ceremony in general takes much bigger weight in highlighting the student’s achievements after years of tedious study. Graduation ceremony marks an important event in every student’s life where they can feel contentment and success. After years of sleepless nights, hard work, thesis writing, co-curricular activities, students looks forward to that day where they can march along the academic procession elegantly dressed in their gowns and all the other graduation regalia. Primarily, graduation regalia consist of a graduation gown, a hat, a tassel, an academic hood and graduation stole. All these elements play their parts in completing the whole graduation ensemble. On the whole, a graduation gown or academic ...

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