• What Differentiates a Doctoral Tam from Common Graduation Caps

    A doctorate regalia is a bit more intricate and very much different from a bachelor’s and master’s academic regalia. The gown, hood and even the cap of doctorate regalia have differentiating designs to distinguish a doctorate candidate. A doctorate’s graduation cap in particular is very different from the usual mortarboard-style graduation cap. In fact, it even has a different name, for it is called a doctoral tam. A doctoral tam is usually made of black or dark blue velvet fabric unlike mortarboard graduation caps which are usually made in matte fabric. Doctoral tams are four, six or eight sided. Unlike the usual mortarboard type, tams are a bit round and flat-looking much like a beret. A doctoral tam is not just worn by a doctorate degree candidate, but it can also be worn by professors with a PhD degree and other members of a school’s faculty. A doctoral tam and tassel also comes together like a common graduation cap and tassel. However, unlike in lower academic levels whe ...

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  • The Difference of Doctoral Robes from the Bachelor’s and Master’s Level

    A doctorate degree is the highest academic level that any student could pursue. Naturally, the doctoral robes are different from a bachelor’s and master’s degree candidate. Since it is the highest level of study, its whole graduation attire looks a bit more intricate and complicated compared to that of the lower academic level. Doctoral robes by university in America have common ground for rules set by the American Council on Education. The basic fabric of doctoral robes is in velvet black though in others, it may be dark blue. Doctoral robes also consist of three black or colored velvet bands on the sleeves with pipings that act like highlight panels on particular corners of the robes. This feature is not present on a bachelor’s and master’s graduation robes. A doctoral’s graduation robe also consists of full wide sleeves which are so unlike the bachelor’s and master’s sleeves which are bell-shaped and square-cut shaped respectively. Both Doctoral robes and hoods are di ...

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  • The Representation of Masters Hood Colors

    Graduating from a Master’s degree is already a very high academic achievement anyone could attain. A Master’s degree is somewhat the ticket to a career promotion or to attain a higher position in a chosen vocation. As usual, colors are used to represent a certain discipline and the official color of a school during the graduation ceremony. From the color of the cap, gown and even Masters hood colors are set to represent something. In America, Graduation Masters hood colors are set to follow the color coding by discipline laid by the American Council on Education. So it’s white for the arts, drab for business courses and so on. A complete list of colors can be seen in their page. So the colors on a Masters hood stand for two things: 1.) Official School/University Color Masters hood colors by school are varied. Schools have colors of their own to represent their history and core value. It is also used to distinguish them from other schools although there are others who have the sa ...

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  • Appreciating the Significance of A Masters Gown

    A Masters gown is the most staple attire for someone who is about to receive their master’s degree title. Its beginnings were not that of academic importance, rather it was just the simple garments or robes of a cleric which in turn were adopted by medieval scholars to protect them from the unheated buildings of long ago. Until then, it evolved from an everyday wear into a special garment worn only in a life changing event called graduation. Masters  graduation gown are quite different from a bachelor’s and doctorate gown. Although they are usually in black, their sleeves are oblong-shaped and are open at the wrists. A typical Masters graduation gown ranges from mid-calf to ankle length, and sometimes, it depends on the school’s length requirement. A master’s graduation gown is also required to be worn closed or fastened at the candidate’s chest area. A Masters gown cannot be a complete attire of its own, a Masters gown and hood and a Masters gown and cap completes the ove ...

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  • Why Online Shopping for Your College Gown is Best for You

    College gowns are the most basic piece of apparel every graduating college student need. They may come in different cuts, fabrics and colors to represent a certain field of study and achievement but nevertheless, any student who can finally wear their own college gown will certainly be thrilled and excited for that new chapter in life. Most students buy college gowns at retail or offline stores because it is what they’re used to. Unknowingly, going out and shopping for graduation attire take up precious time that they should have put into fulfilling last-minute requirements and projects. On the most part, some students get frustrated from hopping to one graduation shop from another because the college gown or college gowns hoods and other graduation apparel they needed is not available in some shops. To save precious time and avoid frustrations, online shopping for college gowns may be the solution! For several reasons, online shopping makes everything fast and convenient. Here’s ...

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