• What The Academic Regalia Consists Of

    After years of school work, dedication and perseverance, the graduation ceremony is that one occasion you anticipate as a student. It has been one of those events that one looks forward to in his lifetime. Indeed, receiving academic degree is an event that plays a significant role in one’s life. A graduation ceremony is a solemn occasion were parents, friends, relatives and academic administrators pay tribute to the students’ academic accomplishments. The whole occasion is celebrated following traditional practices were students wear academic regalia making the occasion even more ceremonial. In consideration of the formality of the event, everyone who takes part in the said occasion is expected to be dressed in fine clothing. The students, who are focused in the entirety of the event, are dressed in academic regalia. The dressing of academic regalia in academic ceremonies has been practiced for a long time in the different parts of the world. The wearing of academic regalia signifi ...

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  • Proper Way of Handling the Graduation Cap

    The graduation cap is considered to be a basic item in graduation regalia. In almost all academic ceremonies worldwide, students are seen wearing these head pieces together with their graduation gown and hood. The wearing of these caps are been practiced for the longest time in different academic institutions in different parts of the world. The traditional graduation cap is made out of board with a tassel hanging from the center. In most countries like in the United States and the UK, they would commonly call this as mortarboard. It basically consists of two board pieces; a horizontally shaped one and the other piece, called a skull cap which serves as the base for the head piece. In general, attached to these graduation headpieces are tassels. These tassels would vary from each other depending on the school’s preference. The tassels themselves signify numerous things. It implies the student’s level of discipline. It also signifies the wearer’s field of study. The standard colo ...

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  • Notes to Consider in Obtaining Your Graduation Cap and Gown

    At some point in one’s life, one yearns to come across the experience of taking part in a graduation ceremony. For some, they have been preparing for that moment to arrive for the longest time. They have been planning for the right clothes to wear, what footwear to look for and what hairstyles they will be fashioning on that very day. Every detail is taken into great consideration. Every student dreams of marching along with the other candidates, turning its graduation tassels, receiving their diplomas on stage and for some, at the end of the ceremony would eventually toss their caps high up in the air as a sign of happiness and success. Portion of the graduation ceremony is the customary practice of students and faculty wearing the academic regalia. Indeed, graduation ceremony is an event of great importance where every element is deliberated with sincerity. One sees to it that his/her graduation cap and gown is in its perfect condition. In this day and age, the web is a prominent ...

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  • A Helpful Tip When Acquiring Graduation Caps Online

    At graduation ceremonies, it has always been a tradition for student to wear academic regalia. This would make the ceremony even more proper and regal. Graduation ceremony has been one occasion that students, throughout their years of study yearn to experience. For this, being in a perfectly fitted academic regalia play a vital role in the ceremony. The wearing of the academic regalia has been a long-established action embraced by many universities all over the world for the longest time. The traditional graduation regalia usually consist of a graduation gown, graduation hood and the academic headdress. Academic regalia differ from universities to universities; each having their own signature styles and designs which has been established in their institutions for decades. Their graduation college gowns, graduation hoods and headdresses would be at variance with each other but basically, they hold the same meaning in almost every academic ceremony. One element of the traditional academ ...

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  • How To Choose the Right Doctoral Regalia

    Like any academic regalia, the origins of a doctoral regalia dates back to the 12th to 13th century. Back then, there was no standardized length, cut, form, fabric or color. Unlike today wherein doctoral regalia are uniquely styled to distinguish a candidate’s academic achievement, regalia during the medieval period are mostly shown off as a symbol of affluence or social status. The better the quality and fabric of the regalia, the more it shows that one came from a well-off family. Nowadays, a standard style is set to distinguish a doctorate degree candidate from the bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates. Since a doctorate degree is the highest academic achievement a student can pursue, a doctorate’s regalia are a bit more complicated in look. First off, unlike a bachelor’s degree candidate wherein the gown’s color represents the field of study or discipline of a student, a doctorate’s graduation gown is usually set in black velvet no matter which discipline the can ...

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