• Essential Tips on Doctoral Caps and Gowns Packages

    It is a very well known fact among those who are annually exposed to the academe’s graduation ceremony that the preparation for this grand occasion can go from being hasty to really hectic, depending on how the people in charge of its deal with the preparation’s schedule. This event is the most important for any given academic institution because this is situated at the end of the school year which aims to commemorate and rejoice another successful academic year of fulfilling the institution’s mission and vision towards its students. For those who are in the doctorate program, this will be a very meaningful event because they are about to receive their doctorates which is the highest possible educational attainment for any individual. However, when it come to the ceremony’s preparation phase, candidates will be tested of how much effort they are willing to give in scouring after doctoral caps and gowns and finally finding the right regalia for them to wear on this momentous day ...

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  • The Associations of Wearing Academic Hoods

    The graduation ceremony in itself is one formal affair but it is made even primmer in the wearing of the academic regalia by the candidates and the faculty. Academic gowns, academic hoods and the academic caps are the basic elements that comprise the academic regalia. In almost all graduation ceremonies worldwide, the wearing of the academic regalia is considered as a long-established practice worn by those who take part in the ceremony. It does not only imply formality in the commencement, but it also symbolizes academic accomplishment. The academic hoods are those seen worn by the candidates that drapes elegantly on their backs. It is a usually a black fabric with velvet linings with different color where each color implies something. The velvet color seen on academic hoods indicate the field of academic discipline of the person wearing it. The other color seen on the hood denotes the university color. These two areas of the academic hood are basically the areas where colors are per ...

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  • A Guide on How to Wear the Graduation Stole

    In general, the candidates for graduation would usually wear the academic regalia. Whether it is the student or a member of the faculty, seeing them wear the traditional clothing in academic ceremonies, is a familiar scene for the many. This has been a custom that people grew up with when it comes to academic formalities.  Notwithstanding, the fact that academic regalia differs to each other; each institution having its own distinct design, the basic elements are always present. Nonetheless, additional pieces to the basic academic regalia are seen worn by the students. The graduation stole is one prominent accessory to the academic regalia or dress for graduation  that is typically seen fashioned by students and faculties alike, during graduation ceremonies. It is a piece of clothing that is worn around the person’s neck and hangs loose in front of them. It usually varies in the fabrics used but most often than not, these are made out of silk fabrics. It has been said that the wea ...

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  • A Quick Guide on Doctoral Hood Specifications and Buying Tips

    Graduation hoods including that of a doctoral hood have a funny and humble history. Before, it was not really given academic importance since its use is to merely protect a medieval scholar from the intense cold and unheated academic buildings. And in some instances, it was even used as a bag for alms! Through time, hoods evolved into tokens for graduation in England and now, they are part of the official academic regalia in most countries representing academic excellence and success in its own right. A doctoral hood is a required piece to wear for every doctorate degree candidate. Just like every other piece of doctorate academic regalia, doctoral hoods are different from a bachelor’s and master’s hood to distinguish themselves from the other two academic levels. The main difference of a doctoral hood from the other two academic levels lies in its length. A bachelor’s hood is only three feet long and a master’s hood is only three and a half feet long while a doctoral hood is ...

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  • The Importance of Properly Fitted Graduation Cap and Gown

    Graduation ceremony is that one recognized occasion that every student looked forward to after years of long and tiresome study. You can finally march along the other candidates in the academic procession with all the confidence and smile. Parading in a graduation cap and gown makes the academic procession even more elegant and polish.  The wearing of these graduation cap and gown would give the notion of a successful academic education. In any academic ceremony, the wearing of a  graduation cap gown and tassel has been an established practice done by students and faculties alike. There are lots  of cheap  graduation caps and gowns that  may vary in designs and colors but in majority, they hold the same significance embraced by most countries and universities worldwide. In most academic ceremony, the graduation caps and gowns are considered as key elements in any graduation regalia.  The graduation cap or otherwise called as mortarboard is a headdress worn by students and prof ...

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