• Understanding the Graduation Stoles And Cords Meaning

    Graduation stoles and graduation cords are some of the garments used during graduation day. These garments have long been practiced as a tradition for every candidate for graduation to wear during every graduation day. The graduation stoles are the ones that are worn over the shoulders, with both its ends hanging vertically at the front. On the other hand, the graduation cords are the ones that are tied around the neck of the candidate. If one is quite interested about the significance of each garment during the whole graduation ceremony, here are all the things that one needs to know about graduation stoles and cords meaning. The tradition of wearing a stole begun during medieval times wherein this was commonly worn by churchmen and as time went by, they soon become a staple in the whole academic regalia. They have come in different design, different embellishments, and in different colors as well. During graduation, a graduation stole is usually worn in order to identify which stude ...

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  • Where to Look for Black Graduation Stoles

    Graduation is another milestone in one’s life that signifies the beginning of adult life. It is one accomplishment that can never be forgotten because it only happens once in a lifetime. Twice, if one decides to attain a master’s degree, or third when one proceeds once again to a doctorate’s degree. Regardless of that, it is still considered as a very big achievement since one would have to work very hard in order to achieve such titles. When one graduates from a bachelor’s degree, or even from high school, one of the garments that one is required to wear are the graduation gown, the graduation cap, the graduation tassel, and the graduation stoles. Black graduation stoles are commonly used during high school graduation. They are the ones that complete the whole academic regalia that one is required to wear when one graduates from a certain university. Graduation stoles are the ones that are worn around the neck of each graduate with both its ends hanging vertically at the front ...

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  • How to Use A Custom Graduation Tassels

    In every graduation ceremony, every candidate for graduation is required to wear their very own academic regalia. The academic regalia consist of a graduation gown, a graduation stole, sometimes a graduation hood for graduates earning a master’s degree, a graduation cap, and last but definitely not the least, the graduation tassel. The graduation tassel serves a very important role in the graduation ceremony. It is made up of thread like material that is placed at the tip of the graduation hat. During graduation day, there will be plenty happy looking seniors from every college who are all eager enough to receive their hard earned diploma. Despite the fact that graduation is practiced almost every year, there are still some individuals who are clueless how such garment is used. To help with such dilemma, here are some tips on how one can use some custom graduation tassels. There are two important roles of a graduation tassel during graduation day. One is to determine which among the ...

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  • Implications of Graduate Hoods Colors

    The graduation hood is just one of the essential items that make up the entirety of the graduation regalia. It is considered to be one of the prominent pieces in the whole academic regalia in addition to the fact that it plays an important role as well as how it catches the attention of the spectators considering the variety of colors that is seen on it. The graduate hoods colors are seen varying from each other. This is because; each color indicates a particular meaning. The graduation hood is that piece of fabric that is worn around the neck and just above the shoulders by graduating students and faculty alike during academic ceremony. It is placed above the graduation gown and together with the graduation hat, it completes the graduation regalia. One of the important thing to always bear in mind in acquiring the graduation hood aside from the right size and shape, is to obtain a piece that have the correct colors that corresponds to the correct meaning. In general, the academic hood ...

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  • The Different Graduation Hoods and Colors

    During the graduation ceremony, students and faculty members stride along the academic procession wearing their specific graduation regalia. Aside from this, they are also seen fashioning different colored graduation hoods. The graduation hoods and colors vary from each other and this is because each color of the hood indicates a significant meaning. Depending on the person’s degree and school, the color of the graduation hood varies. The graduation regalia basically comprises of a graduation gown, cap and a hood. But among the three items, the graduation hood is the one item that is the focal point in the overall ensemble. The graduation hood is a piece of garment that is worn above the graduation gown and placed on the shoulders of either student or faculty. They vary from the materials used but most often than not, they are made from light fabrics. Its history was said to be strongly influenced by the ensemble worn by church ministers during the medieval era. The academic sector ...

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