• What Comprises the Graduation Regalia Bachelors

    Graduation ceremony is a special event that takes place in a person’s life. This implies a celebration for the academic achievement that one had obtained after years of sleepless nights, hard work and sacrifices. During this day, graduates and faculty members are seen wearing their elegant graduation regalia. These graduation regalia differ in a lot of aspect. Its colors, the fabrics used, the designs and shapes are at variance with each other and these differences in the designs imply important meanings. These graduation ensembles had become distinctive in each academic level. The graduation regalia bachelors are slightly different to that of the masters and the doctors’ graduation regalia. Generally, the graduation ensemble is composed of the graduation gown, hood and cap. These are three basic elements of the regalia that are taken as mandatory pieces to be worn in academic ceremonies. The history of the graduation regalia was said to be taken back some 800 hundred years ago dur ...

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  • The Different Graduation Regalia Accessories

    In most graduation ceremonies, one does not only taken glimpse to the basic academic pieces but also to other graduation regalia accessories that adds up to the already elegant graduation ensemble. In general, there are three main items that comprise the graduation regalia, these are the academic robe, hood and hat, but during the ceremony, there are few things that add up to these basic pieces. These additional pieces are often times referred to as the graduation accessories for they are not completely taken as mandatory pieces to be worn, but because the graduation ceremony had evolved through the years, there are supplementary traditions that have been practiced and carried on through the years. The graduation regalia accessories can range in several things, it differ from PhD graduation regalia The most common items that are considered as graduation accessories are the graduation cords, stoles, pride sash, honor stoles, honor cords. All of these academic accessories ...

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  • More Information About Graduation Gowns And Colors

    There are many things that could happen in an academic year, each one of them will have a different purpose, a different audience and a different goal. The graduation ceremony is perhaps the one occasion in any given academic year where all of those in the academe are involved in making this occasion as great as possible. The graduation ceremony happens at the end of the academic year and its strategic schedule boasts of its importance as the most awaited highlight of all academic occasions since this is the occasion that the students of the academic institution have been working on for so many years. This is the event that will honor and recognize those students who have successfully passed every challenge that their respective courses have placed upon their paths and are now pronounced to be candidates for the upcoming graduation, which is all the more reason to make this event as grand as anyone could hope it would be. Alongside being grand, this momentous occasion must also follow ...

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  • The Basic Academic Regalia and the Graduation Cap And Gown Accessories

    The series of events that lead to the final event of the academic year, the graduation ceremony, are equally important in building the candidates’ characters. This would absolutely help them conquering their own futures after their academic pursuit or they can do more in this pursuit and proceed to continuing learning and education in a university. The final academic year for those who are expected to graduate at the end of that year will be very momentous, every single moment leading up to what they have been working for years and years. This the time that the candidates will be able to realize that all of their efforts have great results and this will ultimately build up their confidence and their success will be shared by the whole academic community. The ceremony is a grand event and everybody participating is expected to be at their very best especially the candidates themselves clad in their equally grand academic regalia and their graduation cap and gown accessories though it ...

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  • The Road to Getting Great Quality Graduation Gowns And Hats

    Every person in the academe will definitely agree to the claim that one of the busiest times in the academic year will always be the graduation season. Whenever the graduation season is at hand, those who are directly and indirectly involved in it will definitely feel and understand why there is so much hype given to this one single occasion. So much emphasis is given to the graduation ceremony because this is what the students are actually working for years and years of education that will help them in their career path. The graduation ceremony is essentially a celebration, a commemoration of what both the academic institution and its students are striving to achieve through its declared mission and vision. This is what the ceremony is all about and that is why this event is built on traditions and practices that have been established many years ago. The academic institution expects that this ceremony will be observed with respect to its origins and that is why the final program shou ...

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