• Meaning of Academic Regalia Colors and its Significance

    Ever wondered why academic regalia are almost all the same in style and design but has different colors depending by the school and on some color codes? The meaning of academic regalia colors is set by academic institutions and a unified education council for standard coding and uniformity. The meaning of academic regalia colors only resides in two things- a student’s academic field of study and the official color of the university where the candidate is graduating from.  But why so? In the olden days, there were no specific color requirements as to school or for each academic discipline. The academic regalia can be as magnificent or as simple depending on the wearer’s choice and it also depends on the wearer’s social status. The simpler it is, the lower the social status of that student is. If it is quite magnificent and intricate, it may symbolize that the wearer came from a noble well-off family. The academic regalia then were just some sort of “uniform” but with no spe ...

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  • How to Find Academic Regalia for Purchase Online

    When graduation is near, almost everyone gets busy about last minute projects, requirements and final exams. And of course, preparing the graduation attire and the new look for graduation is also something most students think about (not to mention the after-graduation party). When actual shopping for graduation apparel is almost impossible, one can turn to academic regalia for purchase online for a more hassle-free and less time-consuming shopping. Finding academic regalia for purchase online is easy; one only needs a reliable search engine and type in keywords that relate to an online graduation store. Right there and then, a lot of results can show up but to pick a reliable and professional online graduation apparel manufacturer, better take note of these tips. THE HIGHER THE RANK, THE BETTER.Most search engines have a way of knowing if a certain site is trustworthy and is popular among similar searchers as yours. So the first ten results or the first page results are always wort ...

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  • What are the Specifications of Academic Regalia for PhD?

    A PhD is the highest degree anyone can obtain in an academic institution. It is a more refined and in-depth study of a certain academic discipline that makes a PhD graduates an authority figure in his or her own field of expertise. However, before being an authority figure requires a graduation first to receive the PhD diploma, and academic regalia for the PhD are required to be worn during that prestigious event. Academic regalia for PhD are the most unique academic regalia among all the other academic levels. It is the most detailed and complicated looking among all the other regalia. The PhD robes, even though they are also black like the master’s gown has full wide sleeves unlike the latter. It also has linings at the front and sleeve bands that are colored to represent the candidate’s academic field of study or University wherein he or she is graduating from. The PhD hood is also unique because it is four feet long with satin and velvet linings that are also colored to represe ...

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  • The Importance of College Graduation Hoods Colors

    Not a year goes by without hundreds of hopeful students who patiently wait for them to finish their studies and graduate with a degree. After the end of every school year, hundreds of candidates await to receive their diploma. This has always been a tradition that every school celebrates every end of the year: the graduation ceremony or the commencement exercise. To commence: to end a chapter in one's life and at the same time, to start of yet another page. In every college graduation ceremony, there are three types of graduates present, the graduates of a Bachelor's degree, Doctoral degree, and of course, the Master’s degree. The recipients of the Masters degree are one of the most colorful participants of the commencement exercise, simply because each and every one of their graduates is required to wear the color of the degree that one will be graduating from. Each of the color of the graduation hoods has a meaning. Here is some information that one needs to know about the importa ...

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  • How to Get Graduation Tassels Discount

    A graduation ceremony is considered as an extraordinary event in a person’s life. This is because it is a symbol of success and academic achievement of a person. During this day, students and school faculties are seen wearing their respective academic regalia. It is mainly composed of graduation gown, hood and cap. Aside from these basic graduation items, there are also few academic pieces that are seen worn by participating individuals in the event. Some of these items that are seen are graduation cords and stoles. The graduation tassels are one of the prominent graduation elements in the ceremony. They are seen attached in graduation cords and hats. Considering the expenses spent during this season, more often than not, most individuals seek to acquire its graduation items in an affordable rate but also taking into account the quality of these academic pieces. Graduation tassels discount is possible and can be acquired in a few ways. The graduation regalia are said to be influenced ...

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