• Where did Graduation Cap and Gown Come from: a Short History

    Where did graduation cap and gown come from? Most students would come to ask such question especially when graduation is near and talks of getting the graduation attire is going on. And yes indeed, where did graduation cap and gown come from? Why should students wear different designed clothing that is only unique to the graduation ceremony? Who set up the rules for such attire?To explain it all, history should be reviewed and tackled to answer the question, “where did graduation cap and gown come from?” IT ALL BEGAN… In the medieval times when the Church was the center of all institutions including the academic ones, the usual daily wear of early medieval scholars are full-length robes like that of priests and monks since most students during this time are also theological students. To protect themselves from the usual cold weather, they wear such robes sometimes with hoods as a protection for their heads. UNTIL… During the late renaissance period up to the new Industrial age ...

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  • How to Spot a Graduation Cap and Gown For Sale Online

    For those who would like to get their money’s worth and anticipate each graduation cap and gown sale, here are tips to get you save on dollars before the big event. Although graduations are once in a lifetime events and should be celebrated with a blast, it is still good to look for ways to save on spending as much as possible especially that a lot of other things like the after-graduation party should be prepared for. One way to spot a graduation cap and gown for sale online is to browse for a few credible online graduation shops and follow their email newsletter or social media account so that you can at least be one of the firsts to know if they are currently holding promos or discounts. It is a great way to stay updated and compare which promos from different graduation shops is most appealing and is the best bargain for you. Another way to spot a graduation cap and gown sale is also by shopping early. It is best to browse and shop for graduation gowns and caps while graduation ...

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  • How to Stylize a Graduation Cap and Gown High School

    High school is one of the best moments in any student’s life. It is when first-time parties happen, first love, first heartbreaks, and even first out of town trips (without parents) can also happen. When one enters high school, one also enters the stage of adolescence where one changes from a kid to a teenager. During this period, most teens discover their own identity, favorites and sense of taste. However, everything should come to an end, and high school also ends with a graduation cap and gown high school. A graduation cap and gown high school is almost the same as a graduation cap and gown kindergarten since the required color may also be that of the school’s official color and the length may also be mid-calf or knee length. However, customizing a graduation cap and gown high school is quite hard since the gown is usually left as it is but a high school student can also add a few graduation accessories like the graduation stole which can be customized according to one’s lik ...

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  • Important Things to Remember When Buying Graduation Caps Gowns Children

    Graduation day is a special occasion that is celebrated by students and professors as well as the parents and friends who witness such memorable day. Going through the ceremony without any problems and worries is one of the few concerns that are on the top lists by both the candidates and their family. Nothing is worse than going through the graduation ceremony looking awkward, uncomfortable and without any clue what is going on. Whichever level of graduation ceremony it may be, whether in preschool or in high school or college, all the participating individuals aim to look their best during the ceremony. Having the best graduation caps gown children for the little ones, are the major concerns for their parents and their guardians. Having the best graduation caps gowns kindergarten during the ceremony is one of the best contributions to having the special day memorable. The academic regalia are composed of three main things; these are the academic gown, hood and cap. Whichever level ...

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  • Getting Hold of One’s High School Senior Apparel

    To gain academic accomplishment in any level of education is taken with great significance. This is because education is very important, an essential element in the development of a person. Having the opportunity to have a good education is a privilege to be taken by every individual. Graduating in high school is taken with great value and thus, people celebrate the accomplishment of such. To be able to reach senior level in high school is already a huge thing for students. One of the reasons that it imply is that the finish line is just within reach this time. Senior year is one of the most highlighted years of a high school student. There are many things that are looked forward to during this year and status of being a senior is taken as one of the most memorable feeling there is in the course of high school. Thus, high school senior apparel is commonly purchased items for remembering one’s senior year. High school senior apparel is a type of item that celebrates the standing of be ...

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