• The Meaning for the Colors of Graduation Regalia

    For the past two decades, a person’s life has been majorly dedicated to educating himself/herself. It is not an easy task, for there is a lot to know of in this world. It is also not enough, because some of the significant things to learn in this world cannot be learned in the four corners of school. Then again, education is not a waste of time, money or effort for education is an investment – a costly investment. From the moment a person goes to school, he or she starts spending money on things which are both necessary and unnecessary. Parents think of graduation as the final stage and that it is supposed to be luxurious. Others as well think that it should be simple because for the past years everything involved outflow of money. And as the parents take a front row seat of the ceremony, they’re just as amazed as the colors of graduation regalia march in the center. Now we ask the question: what is graduation regalia? Graduation regalia are usually seen at ceremonies where grad ...

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  • The Common Graduation Regalia FAQ

    The end of one’s academic life is a mix of emotions. One may feel joy because finally, after all these years of investing a lot of money, time and effort in going to school, it has now come to an end. The feeling of joy, for graduating is a big accomplishment and not all people are given this privilege. On the other hand, one may also feel sad because even if those years were a challenge for some, the most part of it is always fun because learning is always better when they’re having fun. Amidst the challenge in school, there is that feeling of bliss because along the way one has gained friends and did things together which strengthened their bond. Some may even shed a tear or two for they will surely miss these things. Then here comes graduation day, the massive venue well lit and decorated, that familiar graduation song playing on and on, and of course, the graduates wearing their graduation regalia. The common graduation regalia FAQ are: What is graduation regalia? Where did it ...

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  • How the Graduation Regalia Evolved

    Graduation Day is a ceremony where the mentors approve of their student’s academic capacity. In fact, it is a day where the students can call themselves graduates and the act of receiving their hard earned academic degree or area of discipline is realized. It is a joyous special event where the parents clear their busy schedule and the students just feel high and proud of themselves. Before the graduation day, graduates are given graduation regalia guidelines in order for them to truly comprehend the essence and symbolism of graduation and graduation regalia. Graduation day is a special event of which duration depends on the school population. Usually, the Bachelor’s Degree consumes the biggest chunk of the population for graduates on universities or colleges. The next degree with the highest population is the Master’s Degree. Lastly, the population with the lowest population is the Doctorate’s Degree. Incidentally, the graduation regalia for the Bachelor’s Degree have the s ...

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  • How to Take Care of A Cap and Gown Elementary Graduation Wear

    At the end of every school year, a hundred full of students are soon to march onstage in order to receive their diploma. In every graduation ceremony, may it be in the college level, high school level, or even at the elementary level, there will always be a standard way of clothing that each and every candidate is required to wear. For the elementary graduation, the most common garments that are used for the graduation ceremony are the graduation cap and the graduation gown. If one does not have any idea on how to take good care of such garments, here are some tips on how one can take care of their very own cap and gown elementary graduation wear. 1. Graduation gowns are often ordered or rented from various suppliers. Some prefer to rent from sewing shops, and some opt to purchase them with the help of the internet. Either way, the only means of being able to receive them is through a package delivery. Upon receiving the package of one’s graduation cap, it is very important to immed ...

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  • A Step by Step Guide on How to Wear A Bachelor Academic Hood

    Graduation day marks such an important segment in one’s life. It is a time wherein celebrations are appropriate in order to recognize the success that one has achieved during their four or five years of studying. If given the opportunity to be able to graduate with a bachelors degree, one should never miss out the opportunity to be able to wear the required garments that a bachelors degree holder should wear: the graduation gown, graduation cap with tassel, and of course the academic hood and sometimes including graduation hoods masters education. It is quite understandable if there are a few individuals who don’t quite have any idea as to how one should wear their bachelor academic hood. Here is a step by step guide on how one should wear their very own bachelor academic hood. Step one Before anything else, it is deemed important that one should be able to gather all the garments that one should. A checklist of all the items needed should be provided in order to prevent one from ...

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