• A Step To Success: Cap And Gown High School

    High school is the most exciting years of student life. It is a transition from childhood towards adulthood. Many changes are happening not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Strong friendships that may last for a lifetime are built, and hopes and dreams begin to visualize and construct in one’s mind. There are many funny and heart-breaking experiences that could happen during these years. That is why wearing a cap and gown high school is a mixture of happiness and sadness. It would be happiness for one who has received a gate pass for college. Without a high school diploma, one can’t be able to attain the skills for the desired job in the future. No one could enter college level to learn those skills. That’s why happiness could not be measured because one will receive the fruit of labor. Even there are failing marks on exams, still the graduation cap and gown are being worn on that special day. On the other hand, it would be sad while wearing the cap and gown hig ...

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  • Pictures Of Cap And Gown: Poses Of Success

    Looking for best pictures of cap and gown? Wondering on the best poses of it? It is normal for someone who is so excited to graduate to think of these things. Everyone does not have a chance to wear it; hence, it could not be worn every day. It might be only thrice in one’s life to see one’s self in cap and gown fitting. There are best angles of pictures of cap and gown in different websites. The combination of proxemics, projection, light, and shade capture the essence of the moment. Even there are many poses to have with the cap and gown, still the basic angles of graduation pictures would still be the best angles to show professionalism. The portrait having the subject sitting, and holding his hat in front is a basic angle for pictures of cap and gown. It’s a pose of tribute to someone who gave the opportunity of the graduate to finish his degree of choice. Hence, it shows humbleness of the subject. Taking off the hat portrays sincerity of giving thanks to the institution and ...

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  • The Essence Of Gown And Cap

    Every school day is a usual day of head-breaking examinations, mind-boggling lectures, lengthy projects, and confusing activities among students. However, the graduation day is the end goal of that school life. Everyone is aiming to wear the precious gown and cap and pass through the aisle of success. The gown and cap or its hood has different colors for they represent various fields of disciplines. These colors have been largely standardized in the United States by the Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costume, and accepted by the American Council on Education in its Academic Costume Code.Color white is the most common color being used in gown and cap, especially in cap and gown preschool. Hence, in bachelor’s degree, color white represents the liberal arts; green for medicine; purple for law; golden yellow for science; and dark blue for philosophy. However, the code made a distinction that a graduate must portray the color of the specific subject of the degree and not the degr ...

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  • Reasons to Buy Best Graduation Shop Online

    Graduation is a very special moment and event for the candidates for graduation, so for the parents and teachers. It is special for parents since this is the event that they could see the slow transformation of their child. It is also a special event for the teachers since it is an event where they could see the fruit of what they have done. For the candidates for graduation, graduation is a special event since it is in that event which they will spend their last moments as high school students. During graduation, the candidates will have to wear the required attire. Usually, the graduates are required to wear a graduation cap and gown. For the male graduates, underneath their gowns, they are usually required to wear long sleeved button down shirt with a tie tucked in a dark pair of slacks and some dark shoes. For the female graduates, they are usually just required to wear a knee-length dress under their gowns. To find the best attire for graduation, one has to go to a graduation sho ...

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  • The Significance of Diploma and Graduation Hat

    Graduation is a very happy moment for the graduates, parents and for the teachers. For the parents, graduation is a special event in their lives since it is the time that they can see the transformation of their child. For teachers, graduation is important since it is the only time that they could see their students grow slowly as mature individuals. Graduation is important for the graduates, too since it is the only time they could get and use their diploma and graduation hat respectively. The diploma and graduation hat are often used as symbols that symbolize graduation. A diploma is a certificate issued by a school to a student. It testifies that its owner has finished a certain course of study. A graduation hat is an item that consists of a square board with a tassel placed at its center. The square board will then be placed on top of a skull-cap. There aren’t too much graduation hat designs out there since almost all graduation hats look the same, they only vary in color and in ...

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