• What Are Academic Hoods and How Do You Wear Them?

    The first two items that come to mind when you think of academic regalia will most likely be a graduation robe and a graduation cap, but if you were asked to come up with a third, you might think of a hood. Academic hoods are these special garments worn over the shoulders and back of the graduation robe. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. In this article, we will talk about what they stand for as well as tips on how to wear them properly. In many countries, academic hoods are part of a complete graduation attire. The United Kingdom, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand are just a few countries who consider hoods as important as the mortarboard cap and the graduation gown. However, styles and designs of hoods vary widely, but it is believed that this important piece of garment originated in England. The old academic hoods were shaped like regular hoods, that is, they were made to also help the wearer stay safe from snow and rain. Nowadays, hoods are mostly u ...

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  • Custom Stoles and When to Wear Them

    It’s no surprise to us when we see graduates at their ceremonial rites wearing the required traditional graduation garments. The academic regalia signify your achievements and success in school, most specially the academic stole. Even further with custom stoles as the customized cloth makes it more symbolic and memorable. Some schools may not requireire you to wear the graduation stoles but that should not eliminate the garment as part of the entire academic outfit. For as long as the school would allow the sporting of the scarf-like cloth then there shouldn’t be any problem at all. Graduation stoles are not like ordinary stoles. These are beautiful pieces of fabric that can become your family heirlooms and memorabilia to commemorate your success and achievement. That being said will give you more reasons why you can customized stoles. Customized graduation stoles make them personal and more special because it is tailored to how you would want it, it will fit you better than usual ...

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  • Look Best in Your Graduation Custom Stoles

    Commemorating your success is a very memorable moment. Through graduations, we are reminded of that day. Celebrating your commencement rites include the wearing of traditional graduation garments. This academic regalia play a significant role in the ceremony as each garb holds its own symbolism and purpose as discussed previously on another of our articles entitled “All About the College Graduation Attire.” For every level of education you finish, you get to wear different kinds of academic garments. After you’re through with college and proceed to your Master’s degree, you will have to wear a master’s regalia but that doesn’t mean you should look boring and dull. Custom stoles are available for you to look even better in your attire, even custom stoles for Master’s degree. An academic stole is a scarf-like cloth is worn over the shoulders embroidered with various emblems which denote the graduate’s scholastic achievement. It is sometimes but oftentimes referred to as a ...

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  • Significant Stories Related To Academic Hoods

    Gowns, caps, and the academic hoods symbolize how special is the graduation day.  It adds to the honor and pride upon welcoming another episode of students' life. You are now in contemporary time but to fulfill completely the essence of being a graduate, you should know the history of the most important components that fully complete the enigma of graduation practice. In particular, the academic hoods that are worn by students and faculties today have been greatly influenced since 12th century by religious attire and then through the development of early educational institutions of universities in Europe. The word is founded on the Latin word "cucullus," which is initially brought up a type of bag used to carry groceries. It was said that the duty of these early institutions was to merely validate degrees. Thus, wearing such kind of attire was an aged tradition for graduates along with caps and gowns. It was in 1321 when the distinctions on the academic hoods and the long gowns by sch ...

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  • Looking Good For College Graduation

    In our years here on Earth we have moments we want to create, moments we want to forget, but ultimately we have moments we want to remember. Graduation, in its self, is one of those milestones in life we cherish and celebrate. It may come at least 3 to 4 times in a lifetime but a college graduation will only come once. Graduation, as we know, is a mark of the fulfillment to our degree. It is also referred to as commencement rites or commencement alone to signify that a graduation is not the closing of a chapter but a beginning of a new one. And, we want to look back in time to have that as a fond recollection. A way to kick start the crafting of a good memory is by looking good. GradShop tips on how to look good for College Graduation You don’t experience graduation all by yourself. It may sometimes feel frightening but you’ll have your proud folks and relatives with you as well as your excited friends and classmates to share the joys of graduating. People will be taking pictures o ...

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